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Manmohan Singh: investment required in security technologies

Manmohan Singh, India’s Prime Minister, regretted the role that technology plays in supporting the internal security and counter terrorism efforts, as it is not adequately appreciated. Singh also believes that a strong technological hand not only would contribute in serving as a force multiplier, it will also offer solutions for the coordination, communication and command problems. The PM further believes that India needs to use scientific technologies in order to neutralize the terror and destruction weapons. He also holds the notion that making investments in the field of security technologies can prove to be really important if India’s security systems can keep speed with rising sophistication of the international crime and terrorism.
Pointing that other countries use modern technology and science in the security systems, Singh also reported that some areas where huge work is needed are those of cryptography, real time identification and search and surveillance systems to improve crisis response and tactics. Dr. Singh even referred as challenges to the increasing economic recession and the damaging climatic alteration suffered by the entire world. The PM further added that the whole world could make use of inventiveness and ingenuity of science in order to find methods to leapfrog the future technologies. One can utilize some portion of public investments that can help in stimulating the economies.
Presenting the valuable awards of Shanti Swaroop Bhatanagar to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Manmohan Singh asked the Institute to take control in order to describe new cutting edge technological and scientific strategies. Singh also expressed his hope that numerous scientific departments can make use of ways taken by government in order to improve the technology and science allocation, based on some latest vision, a new emphasis on the scientific solutions and a totally new workplace atmosphere, which has impacted the lives of general masses.

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