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Think Twice before Spending money in Buying Construction equipments

London, November 2008 — “Used heavy equipment might be a solution for your business as long as you make sure the used machinery works as it should. Of course, it is used, but used machinery is typically refurbished and has technical reviews. But perhaps your personal experience is better than all that criteria” says Mr. Delwin Barrington of

“Even if the used machinery looks just fine, is a famous brand or the seller convinced you about the quality of his or her used machinery, you should get try to test it before you buy it. Always try to test the used machinery before you buy it or have someone to test the used machinery for you. Scrape, dig, lift, dump, and push, whatever the vehicle has function for. Go through all the used machinery functions and they all work.”

“Visual inspection is another way of checking the used heavy equipment. Even if you have already made up your mind about buying used heavy machinery, you should be entitled to a good bargain. And a good bargain means you get good quality used heavy equipment for less. Take your time inspecting the used heavy equipment, and try to cover all the important areas. Used heavy equipment paint quality is not critical. However rust is an issue, so try to see if there are any rust patches or holes covered just for “cosmetic” reason. Grab a tool and try pushing or even hitting on suspected areas of the used heavy machinery to see if there is any rust falling on the ground. Slide under the used machinery and search for leaks. Test the possible leaking problem of the used machinery after you’ve been through the test drive. Also check valves and hoses before the test drive, and see after it if there are any leaks present in these places.” Say Mr. Delwin. “Incase of buying the machinery online, it is better to ring up the supplier and ask him several questions about the machinery before you make the payment.”

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