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Tackle obesity with hormones which suppress appetite

Intensive study and research is being conducted with certain human hormones referred to as NAPE or N-acylphosphatidylethanolamines. These hormones and their variations are known to suppress appetite and therefore have an impact on the condition of obesity.

The molecule which is known to send signals to the brain helping it to register the impact of the fat consumed is located in the small intestine. Researchers and scientists are aiming at discovering the signal derived from fat that can be worked on to impact and regulate the consumption of food.
The experiment in question is being conducted at present on laboratory mice and rats. The LC tandem mass spectrometry is a sensitive test used by researchers identified the fat sensing molecules or NAPE group.
A study on this was published in the Journal Cell’s November 26th issue wherein its senior author Dr. Gerald Shulman said though they are excited about this, there was a need for caution. As we are looking to effectively treat obesity, we are eager to offer this to man tomorrow, he said. He also said a lot of work has to be done before this can happen.
After consistently eating a meal filled with fat, there was a consistent increase in the levels of NAPE in mice and rats as seen during the research. Synthesizing this and injecting into lab rodents, this NAPE considerably reduced their food intake thereby losing weight by eating less. Hypothalamus is an area with a number of neurons regulating intake of food. NAPEs are seen to concentrate effectively on the hypothalamus area.

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