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IVA Protects Everyone from Bankruptcy

Landmark Plaza, November 2008 —- “It’s nearly 22 years since the IVA was introduced by the Insolvency Act of 1986. Today, in this sluggish economy, IVA advice provides great assistance to people to avoid bankruptcy” says Mr. Kamran din of

He added that “The personal and consumer debt is one of the main problems faced by most of the families in UK today. Hence it’s high time to get into some modern debt management systems. IVA is one of the most efficient Debt management systems that are very popular in UK.” Speaking about the advantages of IVA, Mr. Kamran din said “IVA helps you to write off a significant amount of your debt. All your high interest rates are frozen and you simply make repayments for 60 months and after that you’re debt free. You retain your home, car and you also get to re-establish you’re credit rating. Remortgage is also a debt management system which changes mortgages without moving home.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Kamran din said, “Not all of them can avail the benefits of IVA. An IVA advice can help you to understand which circumstances of a person are allowed to avail the benefits of IVA. This arrangement is applicable only for those who are under dire financial circumstances. The debt should be of at least 15000 pounds with more than one creditor to avail the IVA arrangement. This IVA arrangement relaxes the debtor mentally as the amount to be paid is quite affordable and after deducting the monthly expenditure that is required for maintaining life from the total monthly disposable income and assets. IVA advice can be obtained online from various sources. But one must make sure that the sources are reliable.”

The IVA advice from will be a huge sigh of relief for people struggling with improper debt management. The IVA advice that they provide is definitely a shield that protects the debtor from ending up in bankruptcy and loosing all the assets.

Delta Debt is a team of professionals providing IVA advice online and helping debtors with effective debt management plans. They have helped many people in protecting their assets and settle the credits in an affordable way.

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