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All is fair in elections

As the Election Day draws nearer the game gets dirtier. The true colors of the candidates are seen even as they peel off the layers of the opponents.

Events, which took, place even as back as four decades are being dredged up. Sarah Palin referred to Obama as a person who pals around with terrorists because he had an association with a radical in 1960. This angered the Democrats and they warned that it could start a murky investigation into John McCain’s past. Sure enough and soon enough there was a web video and a letter revealing McCain’s role in the scandal of Keating Five in 1990.

Bill Ayers and Charles Keating are not names many modern Americans would know as all this happened a decade ago. But they could cause considerable harm to his campaign at the hands of the opposition.

Palin however is unrepentant. She says that Ayers was part of a weather Underground group known for violence. It was active during the Vietnam era. Obama condemned the violent acts.

Obama and Ayers were however from the same neighborhood and known to be friends.

Palin told the reporters that she had commented about “an association that has been known but hasn’t been talked about. I think it’s fair to talk about where Barack Obama kicked off his political career, in the guy’s living room.”

“The heels are on, the gloves are off,” says Palin about her strategy for the campaign.

Obama was more balanced and said that McCain along with his aides “are gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance.”aides “are gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance.”Events seem to be taking an ugly turn and there is no quick end in sight.

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