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Simpson to face jury

The facts are laid bare it can not be disputed that OJ Simpson did walk into the hotel room with his five friends in September 2007 with the intention of getting back the football and plaques which belonged to the former NFL star.

However when it came to armed robbery and kidnapping there was dissent.There were many varying accounts. At one time he was projected as the mind behind the robbery.His defendant understandably argued that he was being persecuted unfairly.he was the victim of over zealous prosecutors. It was being sensationalised. Yale Galanter the defense attorney said “This case has taken on a life of its own because of Mr. Simpson’s involvement”

The case is about a six minute encounter at palace Station Hotel and Casino. It is believed that $100,000 were collected from the dealers of memorabalia.

The proceedings were contradictory as four codefendants testified and two were for the prosecution. Simpson however was firm and he said that he had never used a gun or asked anyone else to.

Many tapes with incriminating conversation were produced. The final remarks by Simpsons defense attorney were dramatic. Crumpling apiece of paper and throwing it in the trash can he said that the whole argument of the prosecution was “garbage’.

The jury is to begin its deliberation today . The verdict is debated and awaited

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