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Construction site accident New York City

Accidents at construction sites are not rare or surprising. New York City Construction accident lawyer educates on how to file a claim in New York construction accident situation.

What one must not forget is to file a notice for claim within 90 days. Another thing one should be aware of is that there is much beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Normally one believes that the employer cannot be sued if it is a co-workers fault. Not many are aware that there are certain special laws, known as Labor Laws, under which both the contractor and owner can be sued if the employer is at fault. In height related injuries the owners and contractors are fully responsible.

As per New York City Construction accident lawyer, a 38-year-old construction worker named Johnny was helping in demolition of a boiler unit in abasement when he fell approximately 8 feet. He landed directly on his lumbar spine and coccyx. He was rushed to the Bronx Lebanon Hospital which is the nearest to the New York City Housing Building in Bronx where he was working. He was diagnosed with hematuria . He was discharged, as there were no outer injuries. After five days when his hematuria had no relief and he had severe back pain he went again to the hospital. He was diagnosed with permanent disability due to spine injury.

Johnny was restricted to doing only “light duty” work because of his injury. The Maximum he could do was only part time work for a few days a week and thus it became difficult for him to get work.

Under the New York’s Workers Compensation laws, Johnny was prohibited from suing his employer. Therefore, he filed a suit against New York City Housing Authority, the owner of the property and the general contractor in charge of the demolition project.

At the trial, Johnny’s trial attorney made it clear that his injuries were severe and of a permanent nature by presenting medical proofs approved by experts. This was an answer to the defense attorney who claimed that Johnny is a fraud. His New York City Construction accident attorney felt he needed compensation. The jury agreed and the insurance companies sorted out the case.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a New York construction accident injury don’t be a  “Johnny”, immediately – search for leading New York Construction accident lawyer in your area.

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