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Firing at US troops and airplane at Pakistan-Afghan Border

Firing was exchanged between Pakistani and US troops on the Pakistani Afghani border.Pakistanis spotted two American helicopters at the border. US officials said that they were merely the US army OH-58D Kiowas which are apart of the NATO’s International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan. The US officials denied entering Pakistani territory. They said that the two planes were merely providing air cover to a small US patrol, which was accompanying the Afghani troops along the border.Pakistani Military said that the US airplanes were in Pakistani territory and this was merely a warning. President Zardari said that they were only flares and not shots at all. The controversy is whether the US Airplanes were into Pakistani territory or not. Pakistani military asserts that they were and US officials deny it vehemently. Smith told CNN that the US army had shot warning rounds into nearby hill to stop the Pakistanis, which instigated the Pakistani military to fire in the direction of US troops. This incident lasted 5 minutes.The Pakistani statement was “helicopters passed over our border post and were well within Pakistan territory” at the time that “security forces fired anticipatory warning shots” As for the shots Zardari said” They are flares Just to make sure that they know they crossed the border line.”ISAF and Pakistan are trying to solve the issue and determine what exactly happened.A senior defense official in the Pentagon said, “What we don’t know if this was just a case of trigger-happy members of the Frontier Corpsor whether in fact the Pakistani military does have orders to fire on our helicopters.””We are confident our helicopters were on the Afghan side of the border, and we have no report they fired back,” the official added.Meta Description: With the tension mounting over terrorism in Pakistan, recently a firing was exchanged between US troops and Pakistan at Pakistan and Afganistan border. Both US and Pakistan are in denial mode about any untoward incident that led to five minute firing.

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