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Galveston, Houston, Dallas Texas Residents Provided Asbestos Safety Tips

Asbestos fibers are known to cause a condition called mesothelioma cancer if inhaled. This condition affects the heart lining and lungs.

Residents of Texas have been warned by the EPA not to go near damaged buildings with asbestos content in them. This warning has been issued following the damages due to Hurricane.

Asbestos have been found exposed on the foundations and walls of government buildings, schools and homes which are severely damaged by the hurricane. Asbestos from the floor tiles, roof tiles, attic insulations and dry walls are found all over.

Dangerous asbestos fibres are sure to be present in the atmosphere and the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a warning to people who are likely to be searching or cleaning the wreckage to be cautious. Asbestos fibres are known to cause a condition called mesothelioma cancer if inhaled. This condition affects the heart lining and lungs. According to a set of guidelines issued by EPA –

People must not resort to cleaning buildings with asbestos content in them on their own as this will put them and their family members at a risk. Professionals must be called in for this purpose.

Residents who insist on cleaning up themselves have to protect themselves from inhaling the asbestos fibers by wearing a mask which covers their nose and mouth.

Asbestos should not be indiscriminately thrown around in cartons or otherwise. Asbestos contents which are damaged should be disposed of with the help of hired professionals. Authorities must be immediately notified of asbestos contamination if any.

Taking sufficient precautions will ensure everyone is safeguarded from being affected by the deadly condition of mesothelioma.

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