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New York times reduces pages

In the recent years, the newspaper finances have not been stable. Newspaper officials in the United States are looking for various alternatives to cut costs and increase profits. It includes reducing the size of the newspaper, eliminating its pages or decreasing the staff in the organization.

Catherine J. Mathis, a spokesperson for the New York times assured that though the organization will cut down drastically on overtime expenses but no jobs will be eliminated.

The newspaper executives of the New York Times announced on Friday, September 5, that it would reduce the number of sections printed in the metropolitan area of the newspaper.

The newspapers ‘A’ section will also include the Metro report now apart from International and National reports, and the editorial and Op-Ed pages throughout the week most probably. Even the sports report will not be given a separate page except on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

The executives made it clear that though the combining of sections would commence from Monday, October 6 , the number of pages assigned to metro and sports wont be reduced.
However, there is still some concern among the editors about merging the local news in between other sections.
Bill Keller, the executive editor of new york times, wrote in a memorandum to the newspaper staff that editors were discussing “how we assure, in practice, that we keep the light of Metro burning bright when there is no longer a freestanding Metro section,” which also included more of local articles on the front page.
As per a research, the executives are now convinced that the content is more important to the reader rather than its placement.

“Given the business challenges we face, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs that do not affect the quality or quantity of the journalism we provide to our readers,” The Times’s publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., wrote in a note to the paper’s staff.
“We are not reducing the space devoted to Metro or Sports news,” he wrote. “This is simply a way to produce the paper more efficiently.”

The Times will become a four-section paper after the combining of sections. However, there will be more than four sections on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The top management of the newspapers is not disclosing that how much money it would be able to save. But it is likely that it will save several million dollars a year.

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