Psystar files counter suit against Apple monopoly

Representatives from Psystar claimed Apple is monopolizing the market with their technical and legal barriers against third party clones of Mac. In a 54 page complaint filed with the Northern California Division of the United States District Court which was also sent to reporters via email, Psystar accused Apple of indulging in unfair play by […]

Mother of missing girl again arrested in Florida

Casey Anthony, the mother of a missing Florida girl was taken into custody for the second time on Friday night. 22 year old, Anthony has already been charged with child neglect. She is accused of hindering the investigation of her 3-year old daughter, Caylee’s disappearance. She reported her daughter’s missing in July, whereas the child […]

Salmonella Outbreak is over according to CDC

The huge Salmonella outbreak which affected at least 1400 people all over the country in the month of July appears to be over according to CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Current figures are typical of this period of the year according to Dr.Robert Tauxe, deputy director, Foodborne, Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, CDC. […]

Laptops at international space station attacked by virus

Laptops at the International Space Station have been infiltrated by a virus, which basically steals passwords from online games. The problem is not very serious as the virus is not very high risk. Space station’s control and command computers are safe. There is also no risk of infiltration of the virus in the orbiting laboratory […]

Reprogramming of Adult Cells now actually possible with recent Groundbreaking Advance

The field of embryonic stem cell research has brought forth a startling possibility for curing a variety of illnesses hitherto considered impossible. This was made possible with their ground breaking technology which makes it possible to transform a fully developed adult cell of one type into another living being directly, sidestepping any kind of political […]

Democratic Party nominates Obama for the 44th presidential elections

The Democratic Party finally revealed the name of the one who has won the nomination to be the 44th president of the United States. The name is Barack Hussein Obama, who defeated the heavy names associated with the history of democratic part. Barack Obama is the first African-American nominee elected by the Democratic Party for […]