On lower us demand Toyota cuts 2009 sales forecast

The world’s second largest automobile manufacturer Toyota cuts its 2009 sales forecast by 6.7 percent as in the US (its biggest market) demand for the trucks fell down because gasoline is near $4 a gallon. In a statement it’s representative said, the company has dropped down and targeted 9.7 vehicles for the next year to […]

Skin Cancer makes you vulnerable to risk of other Cancers

According to a study conducted by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a person who suffers from non melanoma skin cancer is twice prone to the risk of various other cancers like breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer as compared to a normal person. An extensive research was conducted on 769 people afflicted […]

House prices remain stable as people gain confidence in the US Economy

As the gasoline prices stopped rising and home values stopped falling, consumers in America are more confident with their Economy. According to Peter Kretzmer, a senior economist, “a little bit of the gloom is lifting”. Stable housing sector has reduced the burden on economy although it will take some time to limp back to normal. […]

Material Girl Madonna is again in Court Controversy

Madonna and controversies go hand in hand and this time she targeted McCain (A Republican Senator). The 50 years old pop lady has kicked up a new fuss as she compared McCain with the German dictator Adolf Hitler in a video. All this happened with the recent launch of her concert tour “Sticky and Sweet”. […]

Mysterious death of a goat

The Suffolk County Society has appealed to the masses at large for donations to build a reward for gathering information regarding the killer/ killer(s) of the beloved goat of Kings Park arrested. Roy Gross, the SPCA chief commented that he hopes that the money will prompt the witnesses to give detailed information about the gruesome […]

Incense burning- related to respiratory tract cancer

Smell of burning incense may serve as a great scent but its regular or frequent inhalation of the smoke can pose a danger to the people with respiratory tract cancer, according to a report by the researchers. In a test conducted on the Chinese who have been living in Singapore for around 12 years, the […]

Cloris Leachman joins “Dancing with Stars”

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS): Cloris Leachman, who is an octogenarian actress, has now joined the famous list of those celebrities who will now grace the floor of the ballroom in the upcoming edition of the hit “ Dancing with the Stars” by ABC Television. Leachman, 82, bagged an Oscar for her supporting role in “The Last […]

Eleventh conference of the annual technology

HORSHAM: An executive of the human resource magazine today named the contestants of the software “Shootout” at the publication of the eleventh conference as well as exposition of the eleventh annual technology, being organized from 15-17 October at the McCormick Place in Chicago. The event – “ The Industry’s First Talent Management Shootout” is going […]