Raleigh Family Lawyers: Court OKs Prior Bank Statements to Decide Child Support

/// 05/02/2011 (Raleigh Family Law News) – The father’s argument was simple: In determining his child support obligation, the trial court erred by imputing income to him based on bank account statements from prior years. But the North Carolina Court of Appeals-in its ruling in the case Moore v. Onafowora on December 21-found otherwise. The […]

New York divorce Law Mediator – How to choose

04/07/2010 New York, NY(press release)–New York divorce Law Mediator – YS Mediation a firm of skilled divorce attorneys educates Manhattan couples, who find themselves separating and heading for divorce. Choosing a divorce  is personal because the legal professional mediating your divorce will help both you and your estranged spouse decide about the most important things in your […]