Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules for Plaintiff in Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Matter

/ 01/26/2012 The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled for the plaintiff in a same-sex sexual harassment matter. Cherry v. Shaw Coastal, Inc., No. 11-30403 (5th Cir. Jan. 19, 2012), available at A supervisor sent the plaintiff sexually charged text messages and regularly touched the plaintiff. Both the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s immediate […]

Dallas Employment Law Specialist Offers Tips to Avoid Legal Liability at the Company Party

/ 12/10/2011 While a company party should be a time for fun and merriment, an employer must prepare carefully to avoid potential legal issues. Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse provides the following tips.   First, an employer should consider the added legal exposure that serving alcohol can bring. To avoid alcohol-related problems, an employer may […]

Employers May Be Held Liable for Sexual Harassment by Non-Employees

/ 06/26/2010 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires certain employers to provide employees with workplaces free from sexual discrimination and harassment.  Most employers recognize that they can be held liable under Title VII for the actions of their employees; however, not all employers realize that they may also be held liable […]

Texas Supreme Court Rules on Employment Law Issue

/ 06/24/2010 The Texas Supreme Court recently addressed whether a plaintiff may recover negligence damages for harassment covered by the Texas antidiscrimination statute.  Waffle House, Inc. v. Williams, No. 07-0205 (Tex. June 11, 2010), available at  The plaintiff waited tables at a Waffle House restaurant.  A co-worker made offensive sexual comments to her and […]