North Carolina Divorce Lawyers Explain Important Financial Considerations during Divorce

/// 12/29/2010 The North Carolina divorce attorneys of Gailor, Wallis & Hunt explain that all marriages result in business transactions, such as the purchase of a home, payments on student-loans and investments in the stock market. Just as a marriage results in multiple financial transactions, a divorce results in the dissolution of those financial dealings. […]

Raleigh family lawyers report: A questionable economy and steady divorce rate demands premarital contracts

/// 09/29/2010 According to the Pew Research Center, hard times have hit approximately 55 percent of adults, as workers have suffered from extended unemployment, pay cuts or reduction in work hours since 2007. This downward momentum for the American worker has been termed “The Great Recession” and sparked studies across the country on its effect […]

Tips for Settling a divorce through mediation – Part 2

03/26/2010 In part two of this series, the New York divorce mediation attorneys at YS Mediation Center offer a tip for settling a divorce through mediation without unnecessary added pressure. Compromise is key when reaching an amicable agreement. Tip #2: Avoid Ultimatums and Deadlines Every divorce case is unique and can involve issues that others […]

YS Mediation Center gives tips for settling a divorce through mediation – Part 1

03/19/2010   Divorce is a delicate topic and a highly popular setting in today’s modern society. As divorce cases are on the rise, it would suffice to say that there are few other areas of law in which the involved parties share a keenly intimate knowledge of one other. When children are involved, it becomes […]