Raleigh family lawyers report: A questionable economy and steady divorce rate demands premarital contracts

/// 09/29/2010 According to the Pew Research Center, hard times have hit approximately 55 percent of adults, as workers have suffered from extended unemployment, pay cuts or reduction in work hours since 2007. This downward momentum for the American worker has been termed “The Great Recession” and sparked studies across the country on its effect […]

Raleigh Divorce Attorneys Discuss: Effects of saying thank you

/// 06/16/2010 North Carolina family lawyers of Gailor, Wallis and Hunt present:   Saying thank you may not just be a useful sign of courtesy to teach your children, it may actually positively affect every relationship you have.   North Carolina divorce attorneys of Gailor, Wallis and Hunt reveal a recent study that has found […]

Raleigh NC Family Attorneys Educate- Why get a premarital agreement before saying I Do?

/// 02/08/2010 Raleigh North Carolina Divorce attorneys Gailor Wallis & Hunt report — The Equality in Marriage Institute emphasizes the value of entering into a premarital agreement before saying “I do.” If you and your significant other are deeply in love, why is there a need for a written agreement before marriage dealing with property […]