Record $30.3 Million Asbestos Verdict Affirmed by New Jersey Court

04/14/2010 Chicago, IL (Mesothelioma News)-The largest verdict ever awarded in an asbestos-related mesothelioma lawsuit in New Jersey-$30.3 million-was upheld by a state appeals court on April 5. In its opinion, the court ruled against the defendants, Borg-Warner Corp. and Asbestos Corp. Ltd., on every legal issue they had raised, including the standard of causation to […]

Mesothelioma news: PHA makes strides to rectify asbestos concerns

04/12/2010 Philadelphia, PA -The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) has announced immediate steps to reassure residents that the PHA is committed to providing safe and healthy homes. As previously reported by Cooney and Conway, leading asbestos litigation attorneys, the PHA is under criminal investigation for routinely ripping out asbestos-laden insulation and disposing of it illegally in […]

Colorado Springs house fire possibly exposed firefighters to asbestos

03/13/2010 Colorado Springs, CO-Colorado Springs fire crews may have been exposed to a potentially deadly cancer-causing agent known as asbestos, when they responded to a house fire on Thursday, December 31, 2009. Firefighters rushed the house fire on the 5200 block of Tomah Circle around 6:15 p.m., where no injuries were reported, as reported by […]