Raleigh Family Lawyers: Court OKs Prior Bank Statements to Decide Child Support

/// 05/02/2011 (Raleigh Family Law News) – The father’s argument was simple: In determining his child support obligation, the trial court erred by imputing income to him based on bank account statements from prior years. But the North Carolina Court of Appeals-in its ruling in the case Moore v. Onafowora on December 21-found otherwise. The […]

NC divorce attorneys discuss: Romantic relationships shrink friendship circles

/// 10/18/2010 The North Carolina divorce attorneys of Gailor, Wallis & Hunt recognize that relationships are integral parts of societal living, as most people seek out personal contacts and enjoy some type of relationship, whether cordial friendships or romantic endeavors. Positive relationships help individuals develop a sense of identity and acceptance by others. Negative relationships […]