The Long Reach of Whistleblower Laws

Statutes like the False Claims Act and state whistleblower laws cover a wide range of fraudulent behavior

California Firm Launches New Website Dedicated to Helping Whistleblowers

The whistleblower attorneys at Keller Grover LLP announce the launch of a new website designed especially for whistleblowers considering exposing fraud.

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules on Federal False Claims Act Issue

/ 01/12/2012 The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled for the plaintiff in a False Claims Act retaliation matter. Riddle v. Dyncorp Int’l, Inc., et al, No. 11-10155 (5th Cir. Jan. 5, 2012), available at   The plaintiff brought a retaliation suit pursuant to the federal False Claims Act 178 days after his employment […]

Some Federal Laws Protect Whistleblowers

/ 02/21/2010 An employee “blows the whistle” when the employee alleges corporate wrongdoing either by complaining to an internal company representative or by complaining to an external source, such as a government agency.  Whistleblowers serve an important function by revealing an employer’s legal violations or fraudulent conduct.  Because of this, laws protect some whistleblowers from […]