In this DIY Age, Why Should Your Start-Up Company Hire an Employment Lawyer?

/ 05/18/2012 We live in a “do it yourself” age. With the Internet, a company can find an online solution to virtually any problem a business might have, including employment law matters. Many of these “solutions” are even free. A start-up company may be tempted to rely on online material to make decisions regarding employment […]

Dallas Employment Law Specialist Explains Termination Options Under a Typical Employment Agreement

/ 11/10/2011 Dallas employment law specialist Keith Clouse often handles employment law matters for executive employees. Oftentimes, he advises these clients about their employment agreements. Although Mr. Clouse focuses attention on several key provisions, he always considers the termination provisions seriously.   Usually, an employer agrees that it may terminate an employee’s employment either with […]

Most Employment Law Matters Do Not Proceed at the Pace of Courtroom Television Dramas

/ 08/17/2010 When an employee and employer find themselves in a dispute, they often bring in legal counsel to help resolve their differences.  Many times, employment law counsel can help the parties settle disputes quickly.  But if it appears that the parties are not going to resolve their issues before one party files a lawsuit, […]