Hiring an Attorney to Handle a Non-Compete Matter

/cdklawyers.com// 09/30/2010 In Texas, an employer can contract with an employee to prevent the employee from competing with the employer after the parties end their relationship.  These contracts are called non-compete agreements or covenants not to compete.  Given the serious obligations imposed by most non-compete agreements and the potential for huge business losses if a […]

Dallas Court of Appeals Enforces Forum Selection Clause in Employment Contract

/cdklawyers.com// 03/23/2010 The Court of Appeals located in Dallas, Texas recently enforced a forum selection clause contained in an employment agreement.  Godenick v. Mannatech, Inc., No. 05-09-00269-CV (Tex. App.—Dallas March 3, 2010, no pet. h.), available at http://www.5thcoa.courts.state.tx.us/cgi-bin/as_web.exe?c05_10.ask+D+4781377.  In the employment agreement, the parties agreed to exclusive venue and personal jurisdiction in Dallas County, Texas […]

Dallas Veteran’s Administration Medical Malpractice attorney Eberstein & Witherite, LLP offers free consultations

Dallas, Texas (TopWireNews) — Abuse, neglect, carelessness and improperly trained medical aid staff at Veteran’s Administration clinics, hospitals and nursing homes have led to injuries due to misdiagnoses and medical malpractice. Such deliberate acts are not only a disgrace, these are also the cause that have led to the needless suffering of veterans. Eberstein & […]

Dallas food injury lawyer Amy Witherite alerts Texas on FDA’s cheese recall

A food injury lawyer with the firm Eberstein & Witherite in Dallas, Amy Witherite, warned the citizens of Texas about the recall of cheese in Fort Worth by the US government health officials. Details of this recall can be found at www.fda.gov, she said. Pimento sandwich spread from Ft. Worth, Texas based Mom’s Food Products […]