Mesothelioma News: How to Choose the Right Asbestos Attorney

Selecting the right mesothelioma attorney to help you and your family file an asbestos lawsuit can be a life-changing decision

Neighbors Fear Asbestos Exposure from Fire-Damaged Illinois Factory

12/03/2010 Algonquin, IL (Mesothelioma News) Demolition activity at a fire-damaged former Toastmaster factory in Algonquin, IL, has sparked fear of possible asbestos exposure-and a heightened risk of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases in the area. Mesothelioma, in particular, has nearby residents worried. The aggressive cancer-which attacks the protective lining covering many of the body’s organs […]

California mesothelioma alert: CA Man Admits Asbestos Training Program a Fraud

08/13/2010 Hayward, California, Mesothelioma News – Conceding that a training program for asbestos workers was a fake, the owner of a California safety consulting company pleaded guilty to two counts of mail fraud on July 29. The pleas, made in federal court in San Francisco, mark the culmination of a grand jury indictment handed down […]

Asbestos Mesothelioma Alert: Asbestos Removal – Oregon School District Fined

07/13/2010 Jefferson County, Oregon, Mesothelioma News – School District Fine Underscores Dangers- and Difficulties of – Asbestos Removal When Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) slapped a local school district with $33,000 in penalties, it seemed, at first glance, to be a sizable—if not earth-shattering—fine for shoddy renovation work. But the work involved asbestos removal […]

Investigation Widens in New York Asbestos Inspection Fraud Case

05/05/2010 New York, NY (Mesothelioma News) – Stunning admissions by a New York City safety inspector who faked hundreds of critical asbestos tests have spurred prosecutors to broaden their investigation into the scheme, which is now believed to have operated for at least a decade and involved hundreds of buildings. Saverio “Sam” Todaro, owner of […]

Building Owner Fined $70,000 For Exposing Workers to Asbestos

05/03/2010 (Mesothelioma News) – The owner of an Alaska building will pay $70,000 in penalties for failing to protect renovation workers from asbestos exposure-even after receiving a warning from authorities that asbestos was present. Work at the building, which formerly housed the Matanuska Maid creamery in Anchorage, was halted in June 2009 by Alaskan officials. […]

Mississippi Man Awarded $15 Million for Asbestos Exposure and Disease

04/30/2010 Mississippi (Mesothelioma News) –  In a closely watched asbestos lawsuit in Mississippi, a jury awarded a former oil worker more than $15 million on April 7, finding a division of the ConocoPhillips Company responsible for the man’s crippling lung disease. Troy Lofton, 71, had been diagnosed in 2004 with asbestosis, a condition that causes […]