Hospitals can improve bottom line results — Camfil. Video Shows How ….

Now available on YouTube, video highlights how buying air filters based on total cost of ownership — not first cost — leads to dramatic savings

Camfil Sustainable air filters cut costs for industrial and hospital buildings

HVAC cost savings for all types of industries. By operating more efficiently than traditional designs Camfil air filters can reduce HVAC energy costs by 30%

Provider of Air Filters Sees Long Way to Go for Improvement in Air Quality

After recent State of the Air Report Camfil names tougher emissions standards & high-performance air filters among ways to protect against dangerous pollution

Camfil’s Truly Green Brochure Helps Air Filter Customers Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable air filters can save costs while reducing energy, emissions, and waste. Camfil’s new publication shows customers what to look for.