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Slope Finance Set to Become the Gateway for Decentralized Operations on Solana

Slope Wallet aims to be the first mobile gateway for the Solana ecosystem, allowing users to directly access DApps for purposes including DeFi, NFT, and GameFi in the Solana Ecosystem

Singapore, Singapore, 11/25/2021 / Slope Finance /

Singapore, Singapore– Slope Finance, the winner project of the Serum Prize at the Solana Season Hackathon Global Station in July, is set to become the gateway for Solana’s blockchain ecosystem, thanks to its outstanding performance and innovation, especially that of its native wallet – the Slope Wallet.

Solana is currently one of the best-performing blockchain projects in the crypto space, seeing increasing development and adoption.

Slope Finance will complete its cross-chain deployment in mid-November, which will open the doors for users across different blockchains, to enter the Solana ecosystem via the Slope mobile app. The team is working to expand the number of assets existent on Solana, and increase interoperability between Solana and other blockchain ecosystems. This is meant to increase interaction and co-prosperity between ecosystems with the aim of building traffic through the rapidly developing Solana ecosystem, with the end goal of launching and consolidating its cross-chain wallet and DEX market.

To date, the Slope Wallet has been well-received by the crypto market, being a Solana-native multi-chain app that focuses on providing users with seamless and affordable transactions. Slope Wallet is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Chrome extensions, with a friendly interface that raises no barriers to a complete user experience. So far, Slope Wallet has surpassed over 120,000 – an impressive number of users for the crypto space.

In December, the company will launch the Slope NFT market, which will give users the option of storing and auctioning NFTs on Solana’s mobile interface. Slope Wallet supports users to send and receive fungible tokens and NFTs, to check account balances of all of their held tokens. Furthermore, Slope Wallet not only supports all of the mainstream tokens that are native to Solana, but also allows user to add their own custom-made tokens. Aside from basic transactions, Slope Wallet provides a “SWAP” function allowing users to exchange different tokens via a liquidity pool.

Slope Wallet aims to be the first mobile gateway for the Solana ecosystem, allowing users to directly access DApps for purposes including DeFi, NFT, and GameFi in the Solana Ecosystem. Moreover, Slope Wallet’s non-custodial status supports users in generating new – or importing existing – Ethereum and Solana Wallets within seconds, making it a convenient wallet in which to store both Ethereum and Solana assets and enjoy instant transactions that cost 1/1000th of those currently being processed on Ethereum.

Slope Wallet is the decentralized tool that encompasses various DEX features, which have been built with the community at the forefront of its ideation, providing fast, near-zero fees and an outstanding mobile trading experience unparalleled by other products available on the market to this date.

Solana is a blockchain protocol that is superior to other existing public chains in terms of both speed and efficiency. Its transaction costs are approaching USD 0.00001, and the protocol can support up to 50,000 transactions per second, taking only 400 milliseconds for the block handling. Moreover, the user experience on Slope DEX is similar to that which can be found on centralized exchanges, which also underscores Slope’s ultimate goal of building a Robinhood-style community in the DeFi space.


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