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Camfil Farr White Paper Helps Customers Focus on Air Filter Energy Savings

New publication, available for free download online, explains the benefits and methodologies of third-party measurement and verification of energy savings.

09/30/2012 // Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil Farr USA // Lynne Laake // (press release)

Camfil Farr — the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions — has released a new white paper aimed at helping customers better understand, and benefit from, third-party performance measurement and verification. M&V, as it is called, is an important method for determining the energy savings provided by commercial air filters.

The publication — “Energy Savings Measurement & Verification: Understanding IPMVP, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol and the Importance of Third-Party Independent Verification” — explains the main approaches for undertaking M&V of energy savings, as well as the industry’s most widely used standard.

Written by Rajvant Nijjhar, an energy and sustainability professional from IVEES – Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings — the white paper shows how third-party verification can help facilities managers and clients determine actual on-site energy savings, as well as the optimal time to change their air filters. These are key questions today, as hospitals, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, hotels, and educational institutions all seek to lower HVAC energy costs while maintaining peak air filtration performance and a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.

It is an issue, too, of particular importance to Camfil Farr, which has long been focused on developing sustainable clean air solutions that last longer, operate more efficiently, and require less energy than traditionally designed air filters. Indeed, users that have switched to Camfil Farr air filtration products have seen their energy costs drop significantly — often between 25 and 50 percent — even as they optimize indoor air quality.

Camfil Farr regularly works with clients to develop analyses specifying the level of savings resulting from their air filter installations, and third-party measurement and verification is an effective, accurate method for quantifying those gains. Customers get to put a value on savings, while improving their maintenance programs and strategies.

M&V can also demonstrate how an initial investment in more expensive but higher quality commercial air filters can prove to be far more cost effective over the filters’ lifetime than purchasing cheaper filters that degrade quickly and require more frequent change-outs. For customers, looking at the long-term picture is crucial, as the total cost of ownership points the way not just to sustainable products, but sustainable savings, as well.

The Camfil Farr whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge at–-energy-saving-measurement-verification-understanding-ipmvp®/

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