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Experts reveal the secrets of getting readers to take notice of your email

Millions of email newsletters drop into inboxes all over the world every day.

Millions of email newsletters drop into inboxes all over the world every day.

09/18/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Matthew Allingham

Millions of email newsletters drop into inboxes all over the world every day.

And yet because the author assumes that, once someone has signed up to receive their missive, they will automatically want to read what they have to say, their vital messages can easily be overlooked.

Matthew Allingham, product manager for email marketing specialists EKM Response therefore offers four golden rules which, he says, must be considered if those interested parties are to be turned into real customers.

1. Choose a tone and style – and stick to it

Do you want to engage with your reader on a casual or a formal level? First-person content is always much more informal than the same material written in reported speech. You need to consider who your audience comprises, and address them in a manner which makes them feel comfortable.

2. Pick images carefully, and only use ones which support what you say

Because of space constraints, many people view emails in their inbox without the images, but this doesn’t mean you should stop using them altogether, Allingham says – you just have to be selective about what you do use.

He suggests using only images which are directly relevant to the email’s written content, and ensuring that the pictures are referred to, and their relevance explained, in the body of the message. Finally, fill the alt tag with a short description of the picture’s contents, so that people who are previewing the message with images turned off have some idea of what the image shows.

3. Make what you write brief and to the point

Because people scan emails and decide within a second whether or not to engage (click on a link) or not, you should make your copy easy to read, with paragraphs of no more than 50 words. Use bullet points and white space so that the most important points of the message stand out clearly, and use article titles and sub-headings to guide the reader through to your summary, so that they are enticed to read more.

4. Always check your spelling and grammar

This is important in earning trust from your readers, so copy the text of your message into Microsoft Word and use the spell-checker on it. Reading your message out loud can pick up unseen errors, and you should also ask someone else to check it.

Email marketing is an increasingly competitive medium, so making yours look polished and read well are essential in gaining respect from people, especially if you want them to do business with you,” said Allingham.

“Here at EKM Response, we specialise in offering businesses the technical help with email marketing software when they need to get their emails noticed.

“But for real success with email marketing campaigns, there’s no substitute for attention to detail.

“You pay this kind of attention to what you do in your business – so you should do the same whenever you’re addressing your actual or potential customers through your email messages.”


About ekmReponse:

Established in September 2009, Blackburn-based ekmResponse is an online email marketing system that allows organisations to easily contact customers with newsletters, email marketing campaigns, e-zines and company updates. If you’re looking for an email marketing UK solution then get in touch with ekmResponse today.

For further information, please contact:

Matthew Allingham

0844 858 8580

Email: [email protected]


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