Suspect in Anthrax hoax warned earlier in a 2007 case

Two years ago, in a similar case, Marc M.Keyser was questioned and warned by the FBI agents not to indulge in illegal actions and is again arrested on similar charges of mailing 120 hoax letters claiming to contain anthrax according to the documents filed in the court. Keyser is 66 years old and has been […]

The last four days of the election

The final four days for the White House has made things hot and the emotions run high. Democrat Barack Obama still has a lead of seven points over his rival Republican John McCain. This was revealed in a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll on Friday. Obama is ahead by at least 50 % to 43% according to surveys […]

American Express Lay off 10% of its staff

Thursday saw the American Express laying off around 7000 employees following the ongoing economic crisis. This crisis which is the worst in the last seven decades has forced this iconic firm to take this drastic step. According to American Express, those who are wealthy and highly credit worthy are also unable to keep up their […]

Mercury reveals more secrets

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun and was thought to be similar to the moon. However, this has been proven wrong by photographs taken by the Messenger probe of NASA. These photographs show a lot of volcanic activity and bluish gooey material spread across the planet which requires to be studied further. After […]

Immigrants in New Haven bear the brunt of the economic meltdown

The effect of economic meltdown in the US has started showing its actual effect and has led to funding cuts for Legal Aid agencies in New Haven – Connecticut. Legal Aid agencies in New Haven provide legal assistance for Immigrants, but due to the funding cut they may have to cut jobs and will thus be unable to provide assistance to all those who seek Legal Aid.

Facebook finally has a competitor

The past year saw the social networking platform Facebook taking the internet world by storm. LinkedIn is now following its footsteps announcing a platform of its own. LinkedIn’s platform is expected to be very different and unique. LinkedIn caters to the segment of business networkers with its platform called Intelligent Applications or InApps. According to […]

Whites are favored over blacks by doctors

A one of a kind study conducted recently proved that whites were favored over blacks by doctors as they unconsciously displayed a bias. The results of this study were presented at San Diego where the America Health Association held its annual meeting. This study reiterates the results of other such studies which prove that racial […]

Man arrested for sending mails with anthrax packets

FBI arrested a man from California suspected to have sent letters containing anthrax to a lot of media outlets. He was arrested on Wednesday and FBI warned that mails may still contain threats. The accused Marc M.Keyser is aged 66. He claims to have sent at least 120 envelopes. Content of the envelopes included a […]

Netflix and TiVo cement strategic partnership

TiVo and Netflix two famous companies in Silicon Valley will finally announce their partnership which is long due. TiVo’s HD compatible set top boxes will offer the streaming movie service of Netflix known as Watch Instantly. This furthers the goal of tech industry to provide movies and shows through the Internet medium rather than the […]

Two students killed at Arkansas University

An unfortunate incident in the Arkansas University led to the death of at least two people. The university is about 30 kilometers north of the state capital. The victims have not been identified as yet There was aloud report of gunshots at 9.19 pm. The victims were rushed immediately to the Conway Regional Medical Center […]