Web Marketing For Law Firms-Why Choosing the Right Domain Name Matters

/lawyermarketing101.com/Kevin Quinlan/ 01/29/2010 As detail oriented as most personal injury attorneys can be, and as focused on the big picture and the end game, as they have to be, it seems out of character that some of the smaller, but crucial details go unnoticed when it comes to marketing their law firms on the web. […]

Video Consumption Rising by Law Firm Web Design Company – CepacLaw.com

Regardless of the format, Americans are consuming video content at an ever-increasing rate.  Combined viewership on TV, the Internet and mobile phones reached an all time high in the fourth quarter of 2008, with the average American watching more than 151 hours of TV programming per month, according to Nielsen’s Three Screen Report.  Additionally, Internet […]

Dallas injury attorneys, personal injury law firm helps in claiming rightful compensation

Texans are vulnerable to many injuries and accidents. With the increasing neglectful and irresponsible attitude of others many children, adults and elderly people get injured and have to spend extended days in hospitals and at many times people who get permanently injured have to spend the rest of their lives in disability. Personal injury attorneys, […]

Advertising for personal injury attorneys by Dallas SEO Company

Advertising pays! That’s what one believes and that is what statistics prove. Surprisingly it is hard to convince Attorneys especially personal injury attorneys that it is necessary to do so. They feel that a six month stint on TV or getting their website optimized for a certain period is enough. It is not, for public […]