Texas Doctors Subject to Non-Compete Agreements Must Weigh Options Before Leaving Employer

/cdklawyers.com// 04/24/2010 A doctor will likely be asked by an employer to sign a non-compete agreement to prevent the doctor from competing with the employer post-employment.  But a doctor may not closely scrutinize the restrictive terms of a non-compete agreement until the doctor finds a new opportunity and begins to plan an exit strategy.  Keith […]

Planning Ahead May Help an Employee Avoid a Non-Compete Lawsuit

/cdklawyers.com// 03/05/2010 A non-compete agreement forbids an employee from competing with an employer post-employment and usually contains a provision forbidding the employee from using the employer’s confidential information.  Unfortunately, an employee who signs a non-compete agreement may find himself in litigation with a former employer, even if the employee does not believe he is “competing” […]