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What is semantic relevance of keywords? SEO expert Qamar Zaman explains.

What is the semantic relevance of keywords and the confusion that surrounds LSI keywords

New York, NY, United States, 05/26/2022 / Top Wire News /

Semantic relevance of keywords. “Semantic keywords are related closely to the original keyword, and thus they provide the search engine spiders with greater insight regarding the topic that the content discusses and the depth it provides. This information allows the search engine algorithm to rank the page more accurately”. Semrush. 

Usually, a word or phrase is selected to associate with a page so that the page may rank for the particular word or phrase selected in search engine results pages. This practice of selecting a phrase or word is known as selecting a keyword for the page.

Domain Terms as Keywords

At other times you may add words or phrases to a page to get it to rank for a selected keyword or keyword phrase. For example, in the case of context vectors, domain terms can help identify the meaning behind a keyword term or phrase that has been chosen for a page and can also help search engines in understanding which meaning has to be indexed. If for example the page has been optimized for the term “horse”, domain terms such as “stirrups”, or “saddle”, or “thoroughbred” can be added to the page, to help search engines return the right meaning for the keyword.

Phrase-Based Indexing

In Phrase-based indexing, a keyword may be selected for a page, and phrases that frequently co-occur on other pages that rank highly for the same phrase may be added to that page. Google has indexed these frequently co-occurring phrases in a posting list according to one of the many phrase-based indexing patents. Bill Slawski of Go Fish Digital has written in the past about this approach to an inverted index of phrases.

LSI Keywords

Some SEO tool makers and SEO writers have unfortunately written about LSI keywords without showing the proof that LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing was used to generate those keywords. Even worse is the fact that there is no proof that adding LSI keywords to a page would help that page rank for that specific term.

It’s troublesome that people who tend to write about LSI keywords, appear to make up what LSI keywords are, pointing in some cases to tools such as suggestions from Google’s keyword planner, google query refinements, and highlighted words in search results as “LSI Keywords”. They claim these to be LSI keywords without providing any proof of how these keywords have helped a page rank for other keywords.

Google has warned people against the practice of “Keyword stuffing” in the past or when people use too many keywords on a page and repeat the same keyword on a page over and over again. It’s quite possible that at some point Google will look at pages stuffed with random semantically and relevance-related keywords intended to get a page ranked for another keyword with equal disdain. As we don’t have any official word from Google on LSI keywords, it is difficult to predict how Google will react to their use or overuse.

Bill Slawski has seen at least one site penalized for keyword stuffing by simply referring to entities pictured in alt text twice. This proves that Google pays attention to what you are putting on pages.

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