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Property Management Company in Las Vegas to Report Rent Payments to Credit Bureaus to Benefit Both Landlords and Tenants

Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas strives to improve processes and service by reporting all tenant payment histories, whether on-time, late, or missed, to credit agencies.

Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas strives to improve processes and service by reporting all tenant payment histories, whether on-time, late, or missed, to credit agencies.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, 01/10/2022 / Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas /

Management Company in Las Vegas to Report Rent Payments to Credit
Bureaus to Benefit Both Landlords and Tenants

and tenants deserve the best experience, and property management
companies are the bridge that can help to secure the best possible
outcome for both parties. This is why Strawberry Property Management
Las Vegas has announced that starting early 2022, it will report rent
payments to credit bureaus to help both landlords and tenants. The
latest development will help landlords to better sort through the
list of applicants and renters who wish to occupy their properties,
thus helping make the right choice in terms of steady monthly rent
payments from their target tenants. On the other hand, renters who
pay their rents on time can also enjoy recognition and credit that
improves their chances of getting the best properties on the market

Powers, the spokesperson for Las Vegas’ most forward-looking
property management company said: “As a property management
company, we are always striving to improve our processes and service.
New for 2022: Full credit reporting of rent payment histories for
tenants in all properties we manage. Landlords often use credit
reports to determine a person’s qualifications as a renter, but
renters rarely get credit for their rent payment histories. Housing
is most people’s largest bill, and homeowners get a credit boost for
paying their housing bill responsibly, but most renters don’t. Also,
most landlords have no way to report tenant rent payment histories to
credit agencies. We will solve those problems for our tenants and
investor clients by reporting all tenant payment histories, whether
on-time, late, or missed, to credit agencies (TransUnion and

Property Management Las Vegas
at the announcement of its plans for 2022, noted that it aims to
ensure that both renters and landlords get the best out of the real
estate market. The solution will serve landlords by helping to better
identify responsible renters who pay their rent and care about their
credit. Tenants will also enjoy better incentives and encouragement
to maintain a positive rental payment record which will count for
them for years to come; including when they wish to move into other
rental properties. Thanks to new mortgage lending standards, tenants
may use their positive rental payment history to help qualify for
mortgage loans. They can also improve their overall credit rating by
paying rent on time.

latest solution to be adopted by the team at Strawberry Property
Management Las Vegas is expected to revolutionize the real estate and
property management industries, drive more investors into the
industry, and improve tenant experience knowing that paying rent on
time comes with more added advantages. The spokesperson for the
company noted that they will remain committed to moving the property
management industry forward by developing solutions that make the
lives of tenants and landlords easier.

Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas, the property management
company already offers an array of property management and real
estate services tailored to suit the needs of their clients. Some of
their services include rental marketing solutions, which have
presented proven results, especially as the company’s median tenant
placement time for a rent-ready property is 9 days. The marketing
team leverages a combination of promotional tools to ensure that
clients’ properties get as much exposure as possible.

property management company also offers tenant screening services
aimed at weeding out the potentially bad tenants while selecting
those who are responsible and care about their financial reputations.
To get the best results, their team performs local and national
background checks while focusing on areas like credit, eviction
history, rental history, criminal history, proof of income, etc. They
also handle rent collection for landlords, thus insulating them from
the process involved. They provide a totally carefree rental
management solution.

who trust Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas choose them for
other reasons, including property condition reports which give them
an overview of the condition in which their property is and also
ensure that move-in or move-out tenants maintain a set standard. In
the event of non-compliance with the property’s standard conditions
upon tenant move-out, landlords can trust the company to handle the
maintenance needs of their properties as well as its day-to-day
maintenance complaints from tenants.

spokesperson, on maintenance, said: “You never have to deal with
this again! We have a long list of trusted repair vendors and a
complete tracking system in place to handle all repair needs as
efficiently as possible. Average repair request time to finish is 43

Property Management Las Vegas is also trusted for accurate and
up-to-date financial reporting with the highest level of transparency
that helps landlords to sleep better knowing that their properties
are in good hands. Landlords and tenants can also expect that all of
the services offered by the company are legally compliant with the
Fair Housing and Safety requirements.

Property Management Las Vegas is located at 3651 S Lindell Rd Ste
D432, Las Vegas, NV 89103, US, and can be reached via phone at
702-329-8899. For more information, visit their website.

Name: Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas

Person: Casey Powers


3651 S Lindell Rd Ste D432

Las Vegas


Code: 89103



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