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Evident Proof Set to Start the Year with EPTT Launch

The project is now listed on Bittrex Global Exchange

The project is now listed on Bittrex Global Exchange

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, USA, 01/10/2022 / Evident Proof /

Gibraltar, January 10, 2021 – Evident Proof, a world-leading data proof platform led by a passionate team of former and current Microsoft staff and directors, is delighted to announce the listing of Evident Proof Transaction Token (EPTT) on Bittrex Global Exchange.

The project’s EPTT utility token has been listed on the regulated exchange facilitating easy access for all existing and future clients to tokens on a 24/7 global basis.

The project is now listed on Bittrex Global Exchange

Evident Proof CEO and former Microsoft CTO Adrian Clark discussed how Microsoft supported his company in exploring the business opportunity of using blockchain as the immutable trust environment. The team shared their success story from the Microsoft partnership that helped create the world’s most sophisticated data evidence technology. The Evident Proof team includes Microsoft Director Michael McClary, a UK fund manager, and a former head of trading for Deutsche Bank.

Evident Proof has a compelling solution to the data security market. UK Fund Manager Rupert Walsh expressed his optimism that the EPTT utility token could be a top 100 cryptocurrency in the future due to its strong application and utility. Since 2018, Evident Proof has delivered Immutable Data Proof as a Service, helping multiple organizations produce an unchangeable provenance record in instances where data has been destroyed or falsified. The strength of the platform is in enabling businesses to establish their data as immutable and unhackable. This revolutionary data security solution allows entities to drive compliance and build trust in their products and services.

The World-leading Data Evidence Protocol

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the data security marketplace is predicted to reach over $54 billion by 2027. The Gibraltar-based firm, co-developed with Microsoft UK, will serve this need by allowing business entities to instantly store sensitive data within an unchangeable, unhackable decentralized ledger. It integrates a token-based service built on the Ethereum blockchain to secure data.

The platform provides opportunities that allow for quick and easy data solutions accessible on an immutable cloud-based database. The intuitive data proof and evidence platform generates an immutable provenance record where data cannot be altered or destroyed for uses such as certifying a certain level of performance or identifying counterfeit products.

The EPTT utility token is issued when a client stores any sensitive business data. The digital tokens are then employed to pay for a programmatic generation of proof-seal certificates stored on an immutable blockchain in chronological order.

In the event of any scrutiny, clients can produce evidence that meets thresholds for civil and criminal courts to prove compliance legally. This solution facilitates users to produce 100% indisputable proof on demand to prove compliance with data standards, helping save corporations potentially huge data fines and legal fees.

Why the Evident Proof Solution is Unique

Evident Proof’s is unique in that it is set up specifically to generate legally viable and court-ready proof and evidence certificates that prove compliance. The software helps with issues like counterfeit products and lawsuits by allowing users to prove product origin, provenance, as well as withstand regulatory compliance and due diligence. Moreover, its approach is non-disruptive, easily pluggable and highly scalable, making it perfect for both small and large enterprises.

The EPTT utility token listing on Bittrex Global exchange will allow easy access to Evident Proof services for organizations looking to prove the integrity of their most sensitive business data. Check out the social pages below to learn more about the EPTT utility token listing and how Evident Proof provides data integrity to business entities.

About Evident Proof

Evident Proof is a UK-based data integrity, security, compliance, and consulting firm that specializes in helping clients across the globe mitigate their risk and prove compliance with data standards. Evident Proof’s world-class platform creates secure stores of sensitive business data and can generate 100% irrefutable evidence for data, transactions, documents, and workflows of any kind. Evident Proof’s solutions are easy to install, do not require development upskilling of any kind, and they create and store critical data as encrypted hashes on the blockchain.

To learn more about how Evident Proof’s bespoke APIs are helping organizations instantly store sensitive data on immutable and unhackable private and public blockchains, improve data processes, ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, and create 100% verifiable proof and court-ready evidence to prove compliance, please contact the team here.

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