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Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Customer Service – Miquido

How the artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important in daily life? And how is it the future of customer services? Read to know.

Kraków, Poland, 02/05/2021 / Miquido /

Companies are constantly seeking to increase productivity in all their areas in order to obtain higher sales and investment returns to continue growing in the market.

To achieve this goal, they invest large capital in all their business areas to keep their continuous improvement cycles moving.

However, customer service departments have problems obtaining higher investments or are used as an extension of the sales areas, causing problems that in the long term mean the loss of relationships with captive customers.

Many of the companies like Miquido have already incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) started with customer service because of its good results. The specialist in communications for companies bases its affirmation on the data of an IBM study that ensures that the application of technology to these channels can lead to improvements of up to 95% in the accuracy rate in the answers provided and a reduction in response times up to 99%.

A very interesting piece of information that emerges from the study is that consumers often feel uncomfortable interacting with technology in shopping stores, but only 35% express this discomfort openly, which indicates an alarm light for the Business.

Beyond this, the assessment shows that consumers expect to increase their exposure to technology by 2030:

  • It reaches 80% of consumers the possibility of accepting the delivery of a product by drone or autonomous vehicle.
  • More than 80% of consumers assume that they will consult or claim products or services through chatbots.
  • 78% analyze that they will use augmented, virtual, or mixed reality to anticipate how a product will look, such as a garment or furniture at home.
  • 56% expect to “‘visit” remote locations or experience vacations and entertainment events via mixed reality devices by 2025.
  • 78% expect to control devices through their wearables.
  • 8 out of 10 consumers expect to use a smart assistant (like Google Home) to make an online purchase or control the home intelligently.

Likewise, the unanimous assessment is that AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics will play an important role in customer loyalty.

Customers continue to evolve as technology, so organizations must respond and stay up-to-date to adapt to a demanding and changing market.

Customers want to be heard and share their experiences

It’s simple, to create a positive customer experience, organizations must serve and understand their customers. In this sense, it is necessary to know their behaviors, their preferences, their frustrations, their expectations and understand their needs. Discovering how they perceive our service and identifying what will be our next challenges and opportunities to improve their experience is vital to offer good Customer Service.

According to data obtained by Microsoft in its report ‘ Global State of Customer Service ‘, 90% of those surveyed indicate that customer service is important to choose a brand and to continue acquiring its products or services. Therefore, having a 360 ° view of the customer that provides the opportunity to fully personalize the experience of each user will allow building solid experiences, increasing loyalty and commitment to the company. All this will strengthen the relationship with the client, which in turn will translate into income and greater profitability for the company.

Artificial Intelligence solutions at the customer’s service

The users are increasingly more demanding s and, therefore, their expectations are higher. Expectations that evolve as companies embrace emerging digital trends in service delivery. Collecting, organizing, and analyzing constant flows of information and data from different clients and channels is an arduous task that can only be carried out through the solutions that technology offers us.

Artificial Intelligence enables organizations to digest and process this data so that they can continue to meet or exceed expectations and ensure exceptional customer service. AI enables technologies to help organizations identify trends among customers, discover new opportunities, eliminate gaps in the processes of the service provided, and can even offer an omnichannel experience, showing a holistic and centralized view of the customer.

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