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9 Reasons to Invest in Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan is advancing in various aspects, especially in the real estate sector. This PR states why you should invest in one of the biggest real estate projects; Capital Smart City – Sky Marketing

Islamabad, Pakistan, 02/03/2021 / Sky Marketing Islamabad /


9 Reasons to Invest in Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City is highly recommended to go through to invest in this housing society located at the junction of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Capital Smart City Islamabad’s Overseas Prime Block is a highly praised block dedicated specifically for overseas Pakistanis.

It offers luxurious features with all the modern services that are available in all the developed societies in the world. It is a one-of-a-kind smart city in the league of top-notch housing societies in Pakistan. This is a signature project of Future Holdings Developments (FDH) and Habib Rafique Limited (HRL).

Its location is also a key factor in its amazing popularity, which is situated close to the new Islamabad International Airport and M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. This block has its specified entrance from Chakri Road.

Following are the attractive 9 Reasons to Invest in Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City:

1. Location:

The location is considered to be one of the most appealing reasons to invest in any residential society. The real estate value of a housing society could also be gauged by the prime location that it offers to the investors.

Return on investments is also based upon the location and amenities of the society that forces an investor to trust the society and its developers. The location attracts more and more investors with time.

This is a reason among others, that the owners have chosen this prime location for this esteemed residential society. The location of the Overseas Prime Block is also situated at the most premium site in Capital Smart City.

The society also offers easy and fast access from the new Islamabad International Airport. The Capital Smart City location is so supreme that it is connected with Chakri Road and M2 Motorway.

2. Owners & Developers:

FDH & HRL are the developers of Capital Smart City and Prime Block. Both construction companies have vast yet diverse experience in the construction industry. The company has a good reputation in the real estate business, especially after the monumental launch of Blue World City Islamabad.

Investors have extraordinary expectations from the projects of FDH & HRL because they provide high-tech, smart, efficient, and affordable property projects. Capital Smart City is among many real estate projects by both firms after many previous high-end residential societies.

This project is only the first of its kind in the real estate sector of Pakistan, as the developers are constructing a similar property project in Lahore.

A reason that your investment is 100% secure in the Overseas Prime Block is the respected reputation of its owners and developers, who are famous for their other approved and well-known real estate residential projects in Pakistan. However, you could take confirmation from realtors or real estate agents who are well-aware of the area.

3. Affordable Rates:

Capital Smart City and the Overseas Prime Block are in their initial development phases. The main feature of the project is luxurious facilities with unbelievably affordable rates. For the moment, this society is in the preliminary phase of development so for investors this is the golden opportunity to invest.

Once, the master plan has completely developed then the prices may shoot higher. A wise investor always keeps a keen eye on investment opportunities, and he knows which is the best time to invest in a real estate property. So we recommend our respected customers to become a wise investor and not delay any further to book a plot in Overseas Prime Block.

It is a high-quality and low-cost housing scheme being offered with all the modern facilities and amenities. It will fulfill your needs for affordable and high-end accommodation.

4. Low-Cost Installment Plans:

For realtors and investors, the best feature of this Block is the easy and highly affordable installment plans formulated by the management.

The prices are set at low costs to develop a relationship of trust with the investors. With the gradual development not only plots will be available for sale but a home for sale would also be available.

You could also avail the offers of a new house for sale, big houses for sale, old houses for sale and cheap houses for sale. Similarly, big plots, medium-sized plots, and small plots of 3 and 5 Marla are available for investors.

5. Overseas Prime Block: A part of Approved Capital Smart City

Legality is the top-most concern of an investor. This is the reason that it is important to mention that if you are considering investing in the Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City then do it without a second thought because it is an approved and legal housing society that acquired its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Local real estate realtors have all the know-how of housing societies in this area and they could provide a second opinion to you. You may consult the best real estate brokers or real estate agencies for this matter too.

6. Amenities & Facilities:

Overseas Prime Block is a well-planned area of Capital Smart City to provide all the globally applied and adopted modern facilities and amenities. The society will incorporate the best management systems, which no other society has provided to its residents yet in Pakistan. All this just for the sake of the respected customers of Prime Block. All the 21st-century urban town planning principles are incorporated in this Block.

7. A Safe & Secure Community:

Despite all the high-end facilities, if the developers and management fail to provide safety and security to the residents in a gated community then the top-notch amenities or any other feature are useless.

The biggest concern and one of the topmost selling points of a residential society are that it is secure from all sides and the inhabitants may enjoy a peaceful secure life with their families and friends.

This is the reason that the developers have constructed a boundary wall and installed high-tech foolproof security systems to prevent any security situation for the inhabitants. Hence, CCTV cameras, security guards, gated entry points, and much more are part of the comprehensive security plan.

8. Salient Features:

Overseas Prime Block is offering state of the art and globally applied features for investors. Following are the state-of-the-art features:

  • 24/7 Water (Water treatment plant)
  • 24/7 Electricity (Grid Station & Solar farm)
  • 24/7 Gas
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • University
  • Planned Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
  • Grocery Shops/Shopping Center/Markets/Malls/Marts
  • Peaceful/ Healthy/Secure Environment
  • Gated community with security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV cameras & security guards
  • Very close to the main locations & other societies.
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Wide planned carpeted main boulevard,
  • Roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians, and street lights
  • Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
  • Green, smart and sustainable housing society
  • Fire Extinguishing Mechanism
  • Civil Defense Systems
  • Free Wi-Fi Zones
  • Load shedding free zone
  • Automated Utility Supply

9. High Yield Investment Returns:

The last but not least reason to invest in this exclusive block for overseas investors is the high yield investment returns that it offers because of affordability, features, and for the first time in Pakistan smart facilities

The developers have ensured all the possible reasons to invest in Prime Block because once the investor is looking for an investment opportunity then he wants to be certain about the investment returns on his precious investments and Overseas Prime Block guarantees high margin returns on investments.

Investors are always in search of golden opportunities to buy real estate properties. This time the investor does not have to waste their time and resources in exhaustive search, because this is already one of the most sought-after housing societies in twin cities that do not need any research or introduction. If you are investing now, then this means that you will have to invest at low-costs and after 2-3 years when it will be completely developed then you will be able to have a return on your investment to double the present investment.


9 reasons to invest in Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City provides you all the important and attractive reasons to change your mind to consider investing in this block. These reasons are convincing enough for those who believe in a profitable future.

The Prime Block is indeed the most luxurious part of Capital Smart City that is being developed on modern urban planning town rules and regulations. International expertise was specifically hired to accomplish this purpose.

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