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Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Sector – Skymarketing

In this article we are going to talk about why it is a good idea to apply a digital marketing strategy in the real estate sector.

Today we find ourselves in a somewhat complicated situation to be able to develop and get our companies off the ground. There are many options, too much information and sometimes we feel that we must do everything so as not to be left out of the market.

The Blue Town team has worked with digital marketing projects for the real estate sector and has experienced first-hand the challenges that both promoters and real estate companies face when using digital media to reach their target audience or generate new ones. sales opportunities. That is why we have decided to write this article and give you the main keys to start your online strategy.

1. What is digital marketing

That discipline that encompasses the actions and advertising or commercial strategies that are carried out in media and / or internet channels. The transfer of offline marketing actions to the digital world. In this case we are going to see the application and benefits of digital marketing for the real estate sector.

A relevant fact to take into account is that, in the United States, the National Association of Realtors reported in 2019 that 44% of buyers previously conducted an online investigation of properties for sale. This fact confirms that entering the digital market in the real estate world is vital today.

2. Benefits and advantages of digital marketing plan

Saving time and money

There are numerous reasons to invest in digital marketing in real estate. If we simplify these reasons to the maximum, we are talking about a huge saving of time and money.

Content is one of the best ways to reach potential clients within the real estate industry. In this sense, it is important to establish a relationship of trust with the potential client , a relationship that is of crucial importance in the final sale of the property. To generate this relationship of trust, and in the absence of the personal relationship of offline marketing, the presentation of information and quality content play a fundamental role.

Specifically, the use of video is quite powerful, in general any resource that allows us to appreciate the property in a realistic way. This allows customers to decide later interest in the property or for more information, have much more clear their purchase decision. We have worked with renders of exceptional quality, virtual tours and 360º creatives that have encouraged potential clients to trust us and take an active interest in the acquisition of the home.

With a more qualified customer thanks to this prior information and trust for quality content , the conversion process is much easier. In this way, large fleets of agents can be saved for visits to properties.

In the end, planning a good marketing strategy (mix between offline and online actions) saves time and money in the long term. It is invested exclusively in attracting customers who have the greatest interest. In addition, we must not forget that, by having a digital marketing plan established for its execution and including various branding, recruitment and positioning actions, we will be working on our leadership in the short-, medium- and long-term market.

Image / branding exhibition

Another of the great advantages of digital marketing is that it allows us to create and position a strong , specific, professional image and its corresponding exposure of your real estate business. After all, creating a digital marketing strategy based on a good image creates a complete ecosystem. A branding exercise much more complete than simply interacting with the public in an offline way.

With research methods such as Keyword Research , the image you want to convey can be very well specialized. You can choose the fundamental aspects in which the business differs and work based on it. That is, attributes such as luxurious, personal, exclusive, etc., can be included in the digital marketing plan to create a strong and characteristic image based on the products and services that are offered.

With a good development, in the end users find you for what exactly they need and what you have. Making the connection much stronger and more effective.

Promotes reputation / branding

Linked to the previous point, but in a more advanced phase, is the creation of reputation once the service or sale has been carried out. The fluid communication with the client is essential both in the process and afterwards.

This includes reviews , responses through social networks or questions in articles, answering and requesting customer feedback to see what can be improved. When a potential client meets us through digital means, they will look for reviews and recommendations from other online users about our work, our conditions of sale, etc. Having a good online reputation will help us to strengthen that relationship of trust that we mentioned earlier.

Exposing customer opinions is very beneficial in every way. It is one of the most optimal ways to create trust with the brand, the closest thing to word of mouth in the digital field.


Opting for a digital marketing strategy is to gain in effectiveness . The online campaigns are able to create greater impact based on a lower cost . Both in the short and long term, for that there are different areas of work. A balance between a short and long term strategy is the key. Hence, a 100% effective investment is achieved.

With a developed and professional practice, in the event that the migration to the digital world is at an early stage, what we recommend is a balanced effort . In other words, investing in SEM , in positioning through advertisements, is essential at an early stage to publicize and achieve short-term liquidity. On the other hand, SEO should not be forgotten when we look at the longer term.

The organic positioning web is a long – term investment, provides real results with some investment of time and effort. That is why the recommendation is to invest in both for a perfect complement. SEM alone provides short-term sales, and long-term SEO. A union of both is the combination that ensures short and long term success.

Lower risk

The improvement of technologies is not only to be able to impact better and more effectively the public. One of the main functions and where this digital world has evolved best is in data measurement.

How do we know if everything is fine without data? How do we know what we have to change?

It is one of the MOST IMPORTANT points in the digital marketing strategy. Thanks to the amount of data that can be measured instantly:

  • Bug fixes can be made on the spot.

  • Effort can be redirected to what is working best

  • Store information of potential clients essential for later treatment in person

  • Discover customer needs that have not yet been developed or taken into account

Among many other aspects at a technical level that serve to develop the plan by the most effective method. KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) must be given the importance they deserve to achieve the proposed goals and objectives.

3. Execution of the strategy

Previous analysis

Once we have seen all the advantages of presenting a digital marketing plan in the real estate sector, we will go on to see the process for its implementation.

First of all is the analysis. To carry out real estate marketing plan is to know what kind of situation is our own company . We must take into account the presence in the local market, the state of the competition and what differentiates us from it, who are our potential clients.

At the end of the day, get to know us and the rest of the companies in the same field related to the market situation in order to study the environment and what we are specialized in.

  • Our digital presence

  • What state are we in?

  • Have previous exercises been carried out on social networks?

  • How is our website located?

These types of questions are essential to begin to pose the situation. Do not be afraid to recognize what has not been worked on the mistakes that have been made. It is not worth covering. The best thing is to be honest to be able to alleviate these errors in the best possible way.

  • What line of communication does our competition in networks follow?

  • How can we complement it and differentiate ourselves from it?


For all this, one of the most classic but effective tools is the SWOT analysis. Essential in any marketing strategy worth its salt.

Its acronyms are:

  • Weaknesses: Weaknesses within the company. Young real estate agency, new offices in other cities, reduced fleet of agents, low presence, etc.

  • Threats: Negative points related to the environment. Strong competition, economic crisis, inability to meet due to a pandemic, etc.

  • Strengths: Internal strengths of the company. Experienced staff, specialization in a business area, competitive prices, etc.

  • Opportunities: Positive points related to the environment. Competition has not yet had a big presence in the digital world, for example.

SWOT Digital Marketing example for the real estate sector

Basic SWOT example

Thanks to this analysis, it will be possible to determine in which areas more work is needed. It will also be possible to distinguish those new exercises that can make a big difference and make our real estate company take off.

To carry out this analysis, you can use marketing tools with free or paid use such as SEMrush , Moz or others that Google offers tremendously useful. We will talk about them later. But it should be noted that the analysis of this big data is important in the face of such a competitive sector.

Measurement examples: Organic and paid direct traffic to our page and that of the competition, daily and monthly visits, number of indexed pages, interactions in social networks, ranking level, inbound and outbound links from our site , authority level and domain and a lake etc.



The correct definition of objectives is as important as any phase in this development of a digital marketing plan in the real estate sector.

They are those related to our online presence, website, RRSS, etc., focused on achieving the sales objectives of the business.

To develop them correctly, they have to be based on criteria called SMART. They must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and based on a concrete time.


  • Specific. Correct: Sell 50 properties. Incorrect: Improve sales

  • Measurable: Correct: Appear on the first page of Google with X Keywords. Incorrect: Increase our online presence

  • Achievable: Correct: Digital marketing plan in 2 main social networks. Incorrect: Marketing plan on ALL existing social networks. You have to take into account the limitations of personnel and budget of the company

  • Realistic: Right: Improve property sales by 15%. Incorrect: Improve property sales by 300%. Avoid speculation and keep your feet on the ground.

  • Temporarily limited: Correct: 9-month social media campaign. Incorrect: Campaign on social media until you sell more. You have to have a weekly / monthly check. Monitoring and checking progress is very important as we mentioned above.


Now is the time to get going. To specify the actions that manage to meet our digital marketing objectives for the real estate sector

Say no to IMPROVISATION . Once at this point, the information has to be clear enough so that the development of an action is fully measurable and adjusted to reality. Hence one of the main advantages, reducing risks.

I said, here there is no other option than to put solutions to problems based on objectives. For example: Development of a new page if there is none, analysis and SEO optimization of the current page, Google Ads campaigns , FB ads , SEM, planning useful content for our audience in articles, news development for social networks and long , very long etc.

Analysis and optimization

As we have seen in the advantages of a digital marketing strategy in the real estate sector, we must always have analysis as a priority.

Once implemented the plan with their actions in time, go monitoring the performance and effectiveness to be corrected, redirecting and improving their progress.

Producing a report with the corresponding KPIs to see what has been done to date is a must in any marketing plan. This analysis must be linked to each one of the actions to know exactly what needs to be improved.

Why such insistence?

By experience. Measure, analyze and optimize . You can never accurately predict how things are going to turn out. The real key to success is constant and well measured work, agility to correct and improve in REAL TIME.

Resources / tools

Videos, images, tours, augmented reality

There are many resources today to make selling to the customer an experience . Video resources are a priority and more in these times to show the properties and get an idea of what they are going to invest so much money in. Just as important for image resources with their respective important content. Nor are we going to repeat the obvious.

What is worth noting is the great momentum that augmented reality tools are having in the real estate world. Due to these hard times of the pandemic, virtual tours are being used to show the properties in a more secure way. In the same way as a pre-sale to real estate that is still built. So the client can really appreciate what is going to be done with their investment . This type of tool comes with a wealth of details such as being able to change the furniture in the home in real time.

But beware! Not everything is to present the product. For video, what works best is to present the services themselves . Show our promoter or real estate agency, the professionals who are part, information, corporate part, etc. Generate that trust that we discussed previously.

We leave an example of a virtual tour by Icaro Producciones de Argentina. An example of what can be done with these resources.

Content marketing

One of the strong points for attracting users to the web and being able to position high on Google pages.

Creating useful content for clients is essential as part of a digital marketing strategy in real estate. Create information of interest that customers need to read before the purchase process.

In other words, quality news helps to better make the decision when buying, renting or selling a property. About the city, area, laws, changes, improvements, aid etc. This flow of information creates trust, positioning, reputation, all advantages for the investment of time and money involved.

It is important to bear in mind that these pieces of information must be useful and that they try to last as long as possible. Unless it’s flash news that is only valid for the moment. But it is always recommended to publish less, but with better quality.

Social media

Main function of the digital marketing strategy, the strategy in social networks.

The use of social networks to communicate with the audience of our brand . Increase the times we appear in the eyes of our audience. You have to be as active as it takes to create an important flow and make our brand a standard in the area.

Once you have defined the target audience, you have to see what content to publish and how often. Make an editorial calendar of publications on social networks. Without neglecting of course the daily interaction in groups, hashtags of interest or any questions that they ask us.

You can also carry out lead acquisition campaigns (contacts of potential clients) through RRSS. These leads will then go to the sales force, who will be in charge of the sales process.

Seo / Sem

There is little left to comment more than what has been said before without going into the technical aspects that are infinite.

Working on SEO is working on visibility. Getting visibility is attracting a target audience that translates into sales. It is a process that is not instantaneous but that once achieved is a base that makes you differentiate yourself for life.

Is SEO coming out on the first page?

Yes, and no, it depends. It can appear on the first page in many ways. The important thing is to do it where we really need it.

SEO is work, it is perseverance and dedication. Positioning in a competitive market like real estate is not easy, but it can be done. It is also something that cannot be done without. It is best to do it as soon as possible and with the best quality.

Without going into many technical questions, it is important to work all the fields of SEO. A well structured page, adequate content, mentions and external links, content collaborations, optimized images, etc.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing, or usually referred to as paid search engine ad campaigns. It is a good option if you need immediate, immediate results. If you need an initial push or help or if you have a specific campaign underway. They must be well segmented, structured and with good content to obtain the desired benefits and the public that we know is really going to convert. Although it can have different objectives, branding, traffic, sales etc.

Data analysis, results and correction

Yes again. We must analyze the data that digital analytics tools give us for decision making, before, during and after.

Unravel big data, translate and convert it into opportunity and competitive advantage. We will not repeat what we have already explained, but it is important to mention it again.

Process automation (CRM)

Another of the great points of digital marketing that produces considerable savings.

Depending on the client portfolio that is managed, a lot of time can be spent creating personalized messages for each one. For this, complex programs have been developed, but easy to use, which can make these tedious jobs something much easier.

For example, keep a weekly or monthly newsletter. You can automate the sending of it. Communication with potential clients, notifications of new news, measurement of results, interactions and reactions of users, etc.

Advantages of process automation, communication with clients, with partners, notifications of new notifications, newsletter, automatic measurement of these results.

Example of CRM automation in digital marketing for companies

Own example of an automation scheme within a client manager based on interaction with Emails.


In order to differentiate ourselves in a sector as competitive as the real estate sector, it is necessary to have a complete digital marketing strategy .

Every day it is more difficult to differentiate yourself in a changing and increasingly digital market. Even more so with the times, that is why we need to make use of the resources that work best today.

About Sky Marketing

Sky Marketing is the pioneer of sales & marketing in the real estate sector of Pakistan founded by Usman Alam. Sky Marketing has an outstanding reputation for mastering the concept of being a transparent and trustworthy institution. Sky Marketing has been dealing in the real estate industry successfully for 15 years and is counted as one of the most reputable real estate marketing companies in Pakistan.


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