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Why Culture Within Your Business Is Crucial To Success And Growth To Many Businesses With Brad Yasar

CEO Brad Yasar Touches on culture within a business. Specifically building the backbone of a company, and speaks on all of the important aspects of culture that business owners should consider.

Los Angeles, California, United States, 11/20/2020 / Tan social PR /

In every business that exists, rooted in it is the culture that determines the success and hard-working nature of both the individuals who make up the company and the entity itself. 

“The culture in the business is like the personality of an individual. Suppose you have a good personality and a strong foundation from upbringing and education; it carries you a long way in life,” said Brad Yasar, the founder and CEO of strategic advising firm Beyond Enterprizes.

In Yasar’s experience, focusing on team building and hiring individuals who have an internal motivation to get things done rather than reliance on a hierarchical, top-down business structure has led to much better results.

“Once you have checks and balances between people and accountability between each other, the company becomes a living organism that is infallible,” Yasar said. “With top-down management, once the COO or whoever is in charge leaves, if there is bad monitoring, people will go and do whatever they want.”

For Yasar, trust is a massive part of the process of putting a team together. His team consists of dozens of people with decades of experience in the marketing industry, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship. With so many capable hands behind the scenes, he finds himself able to really focus on big picture projects rather than the day to day processes.

Furthermore, people being comfortable seeking help from one another is essential to a good atmosphere.

“When things are not going well, or a deadline is not being met, we have resources available to rectify that,” Yasar said. “It is really on the individual, however, to go out and get that help.”

Besides putting his company in capable hands, Yasar has also made many strategic partnerships with companies in the digital marketing, blockchain venture, and investment fields. 

With all of this together, his company has an incredibly strong backbone and can provide unique, customized solutions to achieving success for businesses in various landscapes.

“Companies are like babies; initially, they don’t really know what is happening or the decisions that need to be made,” Yasar said. “Eventually, they grow and learn more and more, and that is when they become more steady. Once things are running smoothly, that is when the focus can be placed onto business rather than time and performance.”

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