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Blaux Heater Reviews: Facts About Blaux Personal Heater Unit

Blaux Heater is a top trending personal heater to just hit the market. Also known as Blaux HeatCore, this portable and energy saving device heats your room to its corners.

New York, NY, 11/04/2020 / marketreportcenter /

There is a press release, dated November 03, 2020, concerning the device. According to the press release, “Blaux Heater is one of the hottest trending personal heater available on the market currently. Also known as Blaux HeatCore, this portable and energy saving device heats your room to its corners. According to the official website, this portable heater can work well and doesn’t cost much either. It is durable as well so expect it to be by your side for several of your upcoming winters.”

We thought a central heating system is the only way to combat the cold a while back. However, these systems also have their shortcomings. Some of them might be the crazy amount of utility bills and the time it takes to warm the house. The safety measures surrounding the system are also not top-notch.  

The growing popularity of compact space heaters has provided a reasonable alternative. It tries to solve as many issues related to central heating while being feasible only for small spaces.

Blaux Heater has successfully garnered positive feedback from customers since its launch.

What does a Mini Heater Do?

It’s quite evident to question the usage and validity of a mini heater in the age of central heating systems. But, here is why you can consider using one:

  • The need for mini heaters might have been felt for numerous reasons. One of them is the affordability factor. Mini heaters are reasonably priced and also do not increase the electricity bill considerably.
  • It’s not necessary to use mini heaters as independent pieces of technology. They can be combined with central heating systems. Since central systems can take considerable time to heat the room, using a compact heater can do the job when you come out of the cold.
  • Without central heating, keeping the entire house warm can also be a good problem. Mini heaters can be traveled with anywhere. So, you can place it anywhere you prefer to sit.
  • Mini heaters are a step ahead in terms of delivering the best air to you. Not only do you get the comfort of warm air, but you also get filtered air, free from bacteria, dust, and foul odor.

Blaux Heater: What is it all about?

Blaux Heater is a compact heating device. The purpose of this technological piece is to warm small spaces. Made of ceramic, it transforms electricity to heat and dispenses it in the room faster than regular heaters.

  • Blaux heater mini fans are ideal for small spaces and cannot be used for large rooms.
  • Since safety is a primary concern with heaters, this one comes with a timer to automatically turn off the device.
  • If you keep juggling between places, the Blaux heater can come in handy as it is excellent on the portability front.
  • Adjusting the level of warmth you want is also an important feature you need in a heater. Irrespective most heaters do not have this option. But, Blaux heater caters to this need too.

How can you operate the Blaux Heater?

The operational mechanism is easy, so it doesn’t come with a separate direction manual.

  • The device requires an adequate electricity supply for application. So, you have to operate the on/off switch to get it started.
  • Post starting the switch; you can regulate the temperature using the thermostat available.
  • For switching off the Blaux heater, you have two alternatives. Either you can manually turn off the heater or use the timer. The timer can be set between 1-3 hours.

In addition to the heating facility, there is also a fan option. Here you can get fresh air by adjusting the fan mode.

You can regulate the usage of the heater and how you want. It’s safe for use as there are multiple measures to ensure no accident takes place.

What is the Working Mechanism of a Blaux Heater?

Blaux Personal Heater
Blaux Personal Heater

As easy and convenient as the heater is for use, it combines a couple of complex technological interventions:

  • First, it traces the ceramic heating technology. This means the electrical energy is drawn from the heater, which then converts it to heat energy. Later, this heat energy is dispensed in the air.
  • The ceramic plating is attached to the coils. The heat that the plates absorb is then run through the coils and distributed in the environment.
  • Blaux Heater also is packed with a ZPT filter. This antimicrobial filter works in three layers. It removes dust, microorganisms, and foul odor only to provide you with fresh air.
  • Excessive heating can be a problem as it may lead to accidents. The manufacturers have used all possible precautionary measures to avoid such incidents, such as timer and gravity safety switch. So you can safely use it around your pets and children.  

What are the Specifications of Blaux Heater?

Here is a rundown of all the specifications that make the Blaux heater the space heater of 2020-2021:

  • Maximum power- 700 watt
  • Minimum strength- 1,200 watt
  • Temperature adjustment between 60 to 90 Fahrenheit
  • The ceramic heating mechanism for energy saving
  • Compact, handy and portable
  • ZPT filter for the elimination of microbes, dust, and foul smell.
  • Different fan settings.
  • Safe as it comes with a timer that can be adjusted between 1-3 hours.
  • Gravity safety switches to turn off the heater as it accidentally falls off.
  • Electrical wires aren’t exposed as they are covered using solid plastic.
  • Standby mode.

Is there Quality Assurance for Blaux Heater?

The product comes with assurance for the quality of material used. Blaux Heater is made from good quality ceramic that heats as fast as electricity comes in contact with it.

Besides, it also has a fan installed that can come in handy for summer months. Using the high or low alternative, you can set up the amount of air you want the fan to dispense.

The process of installation is also quite easy and doesn’t require any instructions.

What is the Cost of Blaux Heater?

The Blaux Heater can be ordered from the official website with fantastic bulk buying discount rates. There is a small shipping charge added to each purchase.

  • 1 heater (starter option)- $89.99+$8.95 (shipping)
  • 2 heaters (starter plus gift)- $179.98+$9.95 (shipping)
  • 3 heaters (most popular)- $202.48+$10.95 (shipping)
  • 4 heaters (best value)- $247.47+$11.95 (shipping)

Coming from the verified manufacturers, you know the quality will be top-notch.

Blaux Heater Price
Blaux Heater Price

Blaux Heater Shipping, Returns, Refunds?

Blaux Heater purchases are subject to the Blaux company shipping terms located at this web address:

Shipping costs and associated fees (Shipping Charges) are to account. There may be a charge of USD/EUR/GBP 8.95 for shipping upon each purchase, but final shipping costs may prove to be higher depending on the shipping location, among other factors. Shipping charges for each order are calculated and displayed at checkout.

Delivery takes up to 30 days, and occasionally delivery delays can occur. Blaux is not responsible for customs and taxes applied to the order. (tariffs, taxes, etc.). The company is not liable for lost or damaged products during shipping. If the received order is damaged, please file a claim by contacting the shipment carrier. Please gather and save all packaging materials and damaged goods to have before filing a claim. 

A claim can be filed for a Blaux Heater within sixty (60) days from the order date for items not received. Blaux reserves the right and discretion to deny claims after that time frame. For timely claims filed, the company will:

  • Open an investigation with our shipper (takes 7-10 days to complete);
  • In the case of confirmed non-delivery, the carrier typically will find and deliver your package; and
  • If confirmed non-delivery and your package are not found, we will either refund you or replace your order.

The purchaser is responsible for paying shipping charges for returning the item. Shipping expenses are not refundable.

Upon replacement, there is a shipping and handling fee of US$10 per item or higher, depending on shipping location, among other factors. The shipping location will determine the time it may take for the exchanged product to be delivered.

If shipping an item over $75, it’s essential to consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. Blaux does not guarantee they will receive your returned item.

If you have any questions about your order or Blaux products, please don’t hesitate to contact the Blaux Team:

By Email: [email protected]

By Phone:

United States and Canada (Toll-Free): 855 756 5448

United Kingdom: 033081 80842

Australia/New Zealand: (02) 5133 5672

What do Blaux Heater Customer Reviews Say?

Customers have highly appreciated Blaux Heater. They have acknowledged its usefulness in various respects.

Daniel W. Milwaukee wrote“Bought one of these for my home office because it gets pretty cold and we don’t have central heating. I ended up buying a few more for the other rooms in the house. I also love that it comes with these filters for better breathing. Great deal for a very good product.”


Blaux Heater is precisely what you need when looking for a budget heating appliance. Since budget constraint is not the only parameter, you have many qualities that make this heater stand apart.

Since it’s lightweight, you can also carry it to your office in case of need. It’s ideal for small spaces that need rapid heating up. This can also be used during the time your central heating system is gearing up to function.

Bad air quality is also becoming a problem in contemporary times. This heater also filters the air supplied to you by purifying it off microorganisms, dust, and foul smell.

Gravity safety switches are also a great measure to maintain safety.

Lastly, you also have the option of returning it if you do not find it of use. However, getting a refund is only possible when the product is unopened and unused.

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