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New England Family-Run Clean Cold Brew Brand Quivr Offers Healthy, Fresh Beverages in Cans

New England family-run clean cold brew brand Quivr offers convenient ready-to-drink, fresh and additive-free nitro cold brew beverages in cans.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 10/13/2020 / Crothers Consulting /

New England Family-Run Clean Cold Brew Brand Quivr Offers Healthy, Fresh Beverages in Cans

BOSTON October 13, 2020– New England family-run clean cold brew brand Quivr offers convenient ready-to-drink, fresh and additive-free nitro cold brew beverages in cans. Showcasing quality coffees and teas, Quivr has sold refreshments at over 100 select stores across New England, including Big Y locations, as well as online with one-time and subscription purchase options.

Quivr’s vision started with brothers and co-owners Ash Crawford and Mukunda Feldman’s experience drinking nitrogen-infused cold brew varieties available on the market. “We’ve been trying different canned cold brews for years and just haven’t experienced a product we loved,” remarked Crawford. Feldman continued, “most drinks available in bottles and cans are packed with sugar and preservatives like citric acid in an attempt to mask poor-quality products. We offer a clean cold brew alternative that tastes great because of the quality and doesn’t hide behind additives.”

Feldman began his coffee and tea journey in western Massachusetts. “I roasted coffee for 9 years, opened six cafes, a cocktail bar, and a bakery,” Feldman remarked. In addition to his role at Quivr, Feldman currently owns and operates Amherst Coffee. Crawford, who grew up in Australia, moved to the US in 2007 to work alongside Feldman. “This is my life’s work. I’m living the dream getting to work with my brother,” Crawford commented. Crawford has extensive experience in marketing and talent management, and manages Quivr’s customer service interface.

Beyond trusted quality and product safety, Quivr provides a personalized customer experience. Quivr’s cold brew subscription service is customizable to the shopper’s desired schedule and taste preferences. The clean cold brew brothers frequently reach out to patrons to discuss buying options. “I’ll often text a customer to see if they’d like to wait on our newest batch prior to shipment. It’s not about the money for us, it’s about making sure coffees and teas are enjoyed at peak freshness,” Crawford said about the beverage brand’s customer service standards.

Quivr’s operation begins with selecting premium coffees and teas. Remarking on the company’s selection process, Feldman said, “we showcase cold brews that we enjoy and are functional. We don’t want to ruin the great flavors of our coffees and teas with sugar or dairy. We have choices for those sensitive to caffeine with decaffeinated options as well as for those looking for a morning jolt or mid-day pick-me-up. At Quivr, we offer a beverage for every occasion.”

The company’s coffee offerings include a regular cold brew coffee and a decaffeinated version. Quivr’s coffee beans are sourced and roasted by Barrington Coffee Roasters. Black tea, oolong, and a hibiscus ginger herbal are Quivr’s featured teas. All teas are steeped in small batches using premium loose-leaf selections. Every option is dairy-free, sugar-free, and free of preservatives. Each variety is canned in 12-ounce servings and infused with nitrogen for a uniquely smooth, thirst-quenching experience.

Quivr implements several quality control steps to ensure safe products. Cold brewed coffee and tea selections undergo a thorough filtration process. Quivr ships all products using cold packs and recyclable materials to safely deliver minimally-processed beverages with minimal environmental impact.

Quivr is a clean cold brew brand that offers fresh, additive-free products. Founded by brothers and fitness-enthusiasts Ash Crawford and Mukunda Feldman, Quivr showcases a line of nitro cold brew refreshments free of preservatives, sugar and dairy. Quivr’s pure products are distributed by grocery chains such as Big Y, as well as by small businesses and fitness centers. Visit Quivr’s webpage
to find out more about their true canned nitro cold brew program.

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