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Jad Mawlawi’s Company, Dooply, Reinvents Influencer Marketing With a Human Touch

Founder of influencer marketing firm encourages companies to focus on human-to-human connections rather than just technological advancements.

Brighton, England, 03/19/2019 / /

March 19, 2019  — Many companies operate on the idea that technology lies at the heart of success, but Jad Mawlawi believes that there is a different key to sustainable business growth. As founder of the influencer marketing firm known as Dooply, Mawlawi asserts that the secret to business success is to focus on human connections.

Mawlawi knows a thing or two about business success. He started his career in the finance industry in his native country of Lebanon, managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of financial assets. He later moved to London and worked for Technosoft, leading negotiations with several Arab countries to promote U.S. technology in the oil and gas industries. As he watched business ventures unfold around him, he saw a clear pattern: those that thrived emphasized the human dimensions of commerce.

“We need to re-emphasize our human significance and make humans the center of every conversation again,” said Mawlawi. “We are all overwhelmed with robots and automation when the real opportunity today lies in human connections and relationships.”

Jad Mawlawi cites trends in history where people have gravitated toward and away from the influence of divine powers in their lives. During certain periods, they embraced religiosity and even witchcraft with fervor as they reached for supernatural forces. Mawlawi said that today’s “supernatural” influences are no longer divine and unseen but rather technological in nature as we chase the latest and greatest tech development, including machine learning, social media, artificial intelligence, and decentralized systems.

Mawlawi said that this has led to an over-saturated tech market and an audience of people longing for human perspectives and relationships. In order to appeal to the human spirit, entrepreneurs must answer to this longing.

“Business leaders must focus on establishing a charismatic persona and use it to build real relationships organically,” said Mawlawi. “Today, we need to prioritize quality over quantity, and quality is best when it is the most human.”

Mawlawi invokes the Renaissance as a time when people were focused on human development and the increase in human consciousness. He said that humans are moving toward this type of renaissance.

“The pendulum is swinging as people return to humanism, and smart businesses will look for ways to meet these human needs,” said Mawlawi.

Mawlawi’s firm, Dooply, helps companies incorporate these ideas into their business models. He shifts the focus away from simply providing a product or service to offering something meaningful to the human experience.

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