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Herbert Law Group Brings Awareness of How Victims of Aggressive Dog Attacks Can Recover Damages

Personal injury attorneys, Herbert Law Group aim to inform the public on the process of recovering financial damages after being attacked by someone’s household pet.

Dallas, Texas, USA, 01/22/2019 / /

Dallas, TX / January 21, 2019 / — Herbert Law Group, a boutique law firm that focuses on personal injury cases, continues to raise awareness of personal injury topics within their community. One of their most recent articles published to their blog was written to help people understand their rights when attacked by a domesticated animal and what process to take for recovering damages.

“People love their pets as if they were their own children” stated Jessica Williams at Herbert Law Group. “In some instances, this can leave a pet owner blind to the aggressive behaviors of their animal. There are also pet owners who don’t take the responsibility of protecting their pet and keeping other people safe seriously. This can create a situation where a pet, most often a dog, acts aggressively towards visitors and neighborhood passersby.”

According to the article titled “What To Do If You’ve Been the Victim of a Devastating Dog Attack”, there are 800,000 dog attacks that require medical treatment each year. This is a staggering number, especially considering that the overwhelming majority of these attacks are unprovoked. This can result in the victim accumulating medical bills, time off work and possibly even permanent physical damage or scarring. Herbert Law Group’s goal is to help simplify the often frustrating process of trying to recover damages after an attack.

“People have the right to expect a reasonable level of safety on streets, in their local parks and even as a visitor in someone’s home. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet is trained to not act aggressively unless absolutely necessary, and that they follow local ordinances involving leash laws and properly restraining their pet,” Williams added. “When a pet owner behaves carelessly and doesn’t take measures to prevent their dog from attacking another person, it’s only reasonable that the victim expects reimbursement for damages. Sometimes, this is a process a victim and an insurance company can handle on their own. More often times than not, however, legal representation is helpful in recovering maximum financial damages.”

If you’ve been attacked by a dog or other domesticated animal, either in someone’s home or out in public, Herbert Law Group encourages you to contact them to discuss the events before talking to the pet owner or insurance provider about your case. You can also read more about recovering damages and other personal injury topics on their website blog.


Herbert Law Group is a team of legal professionals with a specialized focus on personal injury cases. Their success comes from the use of data-backed trial technology and impeccable knowledge of personal injury law. Herbert Law Group is located in Richardson, Texas and serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. They can be contacted through their new website or reached at (214) 414-3808.

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