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Social Media Marketing Tip: Deal Yourself a Winning Hand with Twitter Cards

How to capture an underutilized resource to boost brand recognition in social media marketing

10/29/2013 // FL, US // ~ Social Media Gal ~ // Sherri Lyn Giguere // (press release)

Twitter cards were a feature that were introduced by the popular social media platform back in 2012, however still vastly underused. A Twitter card is a type of snippet for Tweets that will make your content much more portable.

There are three different types of Twitter carts, player, photo and summary. The summary option is considered the default card and the player and photo cards are designed specifically for videos and images. If your still a little lost, don’t worry you’re definitely not alone, which accounts for the underuse of these cards.

To put the cards into perspective, consider this: Google uses meta tags, Facebook uses Open Graph tags and with Twitter, you have the Twitter Cards. In the most basic terms, these tags are an element that will be placed in the code on a certain page on your site so that it will create a new type of listing. The main reason for doing this is to create a better listing than the one minus the tag.

According to Twitter, a Twitter card makes it possible to attach any media experience to a Tweet and link it to your content. You can simply add a few short lines of HTML on your webpages and then the users that Tweet the links to your content will then have a “card” that is added to the Tweet that will be visible to their followers.

If you take the initiative and time to create a specific Twitter Card for a certain URL for your website, you will have much greater control of the way that the content of yours is displayed in a Tweet. Twitter has also boasted that these cards will help you increase your traffic and sales, as well as the number of people that you have following you.

The most appealing reason that you should add a Twitter Card to your website is the extra content and exposure that it provides for your Tweets.

This helpful social media marketing tip was brought to you by Social Media Gal Sherri Lyn Giguere.

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