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U.S. Study Shows Evidence for Weight Loss Benefits of Green Coffee Extract.

04/16/2013 (press release: LifeStyle)

If a recent U.S. weight loss study is to be believed, Green Coffee Beans may be the solution for those suffering from obesity and weight issues. The study found that without any change in diet or exercise, a small group of overweight individuals lost an average of 17.5 pounds by taking Green Coffee Bean Extract. These astounding results have those in the weight loss community buzzing about the possibilities.

Before, however, readers go running to their local coffee houses to double up on their café-au-laits and espressos, it should be noted that the effects were the result of only Green Coffee Bean extract. Green Coffee Beans are coffee beans which have not yet been roasted—that is, freshly picked coffee beans that have not been processed in any way.

The active ingredient that is believed to be the cause of all the beneficial effects that we associate with the Green Coffee Bean is Chlorogenic Acid, an antioxidant which is present in its highest concentrations in Green Coffee Beans. Unfortunately for those caffeine junkies here in the UK, the high temperature roasting process destroys Chlorogenic Acid, eliminating its weight loss potential.

How Green Coffee Beans Stimulate Weight Loss

So how does the Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee Beans help dieters to lose weight?

According to the U.S. study conducted by Scranton University Professor Vinson, Chlorogenic Acid has two central effects on the body’s creation of fat—both having to do with the way the body treats the glucose it derives from the foods people eat.

First, Chlorogenic Acid boosts the metabolic system, allowing the body to more fully convert fats into energy right away. This energy boost also has a secondary beneficial effect which may help dieters, because not only are they having more fat burned (rather than stored in the body) but they are receiving more energy which they can use for exercise.

It is for this reason that many health experts are so excited by the possibilities of Green Coffee Bean Extract. Since the subjects in the original study were not asked to exercise more or change their diets, it is believe that with proper exercise and diet in addition to the use of Chlorogenic Acid that dieters may be able to have a multiplier effect on the benefits of this already amazing weight loss supplement.

But Chlorogenic Acid also had a second beneficial weight loss effect: it suppressed the secretion of glucose to begin with. That is, the body had less glucose to metabolize because Chlorogenic Acid seems to have an inhibiting effect on the release of glucose into the blood stream.

This double pronged anti-fattening effect makes dieters’ job much easier, in effect giving those trying to lose weight a secret weapon in their quest to shed the pounds.

But, of course, all this depends on taking the right dosage of Chlorogenic Acid and having the best quality product since with this much upside many providers are already flooding the market with less than optimal Green Coffee Bean Extract.

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