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Your job isn’t done when a customer presses the ‘Buy Now’ button

ekmResponse gives tips on how to follow through on that sale.

ekmResponse gives tips on how to follow through on that sale.

10/03/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Matthew Allingham

Online transactions are so easy that it’s simple to believe that, as soon as a customer has pressed the ‘buy now’ button on your website, they’re gone never to be seen again.

But there’s much more to it than that, and the email marketing solutions company has a five-point plan to help businesses ensure that they follow up on their sales effectively, and have the best possible chance of turning first-time customers into repeat buyers.

Effective post-purchase communication should, says ekmResponse:

– Reinforce positive feelings experienced by the customer through their purchase

– Maximise the value or usefulness of the product(s) they bought

– Seek feedback about their experience of dealing with you

– Enable customers to share their views on their purchase and/or products, and

– Open up opportunities for cross-selling or upselling of other products or services

“The buying cycle shouldn’t end when a purchase is complete,” said Matthew Allingham, Product Manager for ekmResponse. “To develop brand advocates, you must first nurture their positive purchase experience, combat buyer’s remorse, and provide outlets for customers to share their experiences.”

Ways in which a company can achieve these goals include sending personalised confirmation messages when their goods are despatched, highlighting similar and possibly complementary products in which they might be interested, and asking them for feedback on both the goods they have bought, and their experience in buying them.

“Competition is steep for retailers across all sectors,” Allingham added. “And because marketers are vying for a piece of the same pie, communications are often narrowly focused on capturing the sale.

“But what happens after the purchase can make the difference between customers being of the fly-by-night variety, or becoming loyal supporters of your company and its products.”

After a sale is made, a company has the chance to recruit a valuable supporter, who can do a great deal for it in passing on their experiences, and generally putting out positive messages – and all for little or no cost, says ekmResponse experts in email marketing.

For further information, please contact:

Matthew Allingham

0844 858 8580

Email: [email protected]


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