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The Pros and Cons of Divorce by Trial and the Rise of Online Divorce Forms

Those raised in the internet age are very comfortable with the idea of online divorce; some though aren’t quite so ready to embrace it.

08/14/2012 // (Blog: diyinstitute) // Mission Viejo, CA, US //

It’s an object truism that the newer generation of those raised on the internet are far more comfortable with getting online divorce information and even filing divorce forms online. But there are still some holdouts who believe that a high priced divorce attorney is still the best way to enter the divorce process. We take a look at some of the hard truths regarding divorce lawyers and divorce attorneys.

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San Diego resident Luwain Ng’s 2008 divorce was tough, but it was nothing compared with the subsequent legal battle with her divorce lawyer, Patricia Gregory, who stole nearly $80,000 from Ng’s trust account. (Gregory pleaded guilty to embezzlement in January and was sentenced to a year in jail; Ng says she has since recovered most of her money.)

10 things divorce attorneys won’t say

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