California Divorce Papers Added to Divorce Forms Website

Online divorce website announces the release of its California divorce papers.

07/05/2012 (press release: diyinstitute) // Mission Viejo, CA, US // announced today the release of its California divorce papers. The site, which has been in operation since 2002, has recently undergone a massive overhauling and has had its entire catalog of forms revamped and uploaded to the site. The site’s new look and new forms are only the most recent changes to the online divorce forms service, with many more expected to come in recent weeks, including further states and a few surprises, according to one representative of the company.

“We are all very excited about getting the California divorce papers up onto the site,” said Lindsey Gonzalez, Operations Manager for “We have worked out the vast majority of the quirks and researched all of the California divorce laws in the new system. Things are coming along very well. Alabama divorce papers are also available now, and we are going to continue adding states until they are all there for our users, no matter where they live.”

Although divorce rates among certain age demographics have been rising (primarily among the Baby Boomer generation), the overall divorce rate has actually been falling. However, the interest in California divorce papers indicate that the drop in divorces may simply be because of economic factors, which could be anything from not having the money to pay for divorce lawyer fees, to not having the financial means to get married in the first place. With such possibilities having demonstrable impact on younger generations, it stands as good evidence that these economic factors could be having a dramatic impact on how society will be approaching the divorce process in years to come. is at the forefront of this still-new approach to getting divorced. “It is not for everyone,” Gonzalez said. “If it is a fault or contested divorce, our service is probably insufficient to help users with the problems they may face in those circumstances. If a couple knows that things cannot and will not ever work out, but there are still rather friendly sentiments, then we offer those couples a great solution for getting their divorces done quickly and cheaply.”

The new release of both California divorce papers and Alabama divorce papers, (which ranked as the 4th highest in the nation for 2011), are expected to help boost the company’s visibility in both legal circles as well as online search engines.

For more information about California divorce papers, California divorce law, and online divorce forms please visit www dot mydivorcepapers dot com.

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