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Orange County Public Relations and Social Media; Use Responsibly

Orange County Public Relations company McClain Concepts recounts some of the more infamous disasters that have occurred in the world of online social media.

06/15/2012 (press release: diyinstitute) // Mission Viejo, CA, US // McClain Concepts

McClain Concepts, an Orange County public relations company based in Mission Viejo, used several infamous social media disasters to illustrate the need for an effective and positive PR campaign. The company, which also specializes in a wide range of business and internet related services, has been focusing many of its latest blogs on some of the disasters that have been caused as a direct result of either poor marketing strategies, kneejerk reactions, or other easily avoidable mistakes that have cost companies dearly. Whether they be terrible tweets, damaging YouTube videos, or a backfiring Facebook poll, there are many ways that a company can hurt their business without the proper guidance.

“Everyone should be taking advantage of social media advertising,” said Rick Barclay, Creative Writer at the Orange County public relations company. “It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to get a lot of traction with a product or service. However, the wrong people posting, or the wrong things being posted, can have serious repercussions for a business. There have been countless examples of this happening with major brands, and small businesses could learn a lot from some of these colossal blunders.”

Whether it be a comment made on a current being made in poor taste, or an employee forgetting to log out from the corporate Twitter account and posting under the assumption that they are on their own personal account, there are myriad examples of tweets-gone-wrong. Companies and organizations that have made these mistakes range from the Red Cross to Vodafone, and range from tweets on partying as well as homophobic and misogynistic tweets, to insensitivity to natural disasters or political strife. Orange County public relations groups often feel they have seen it all until a new, even more outlandish post rocks the boat in new and bizarre ways.

“Perhaps the worst thing that a company can do,” said Barclay, “is to try justify it or acting indignantly following a mistake. In all our history in the Orange County public relations field, we have never once seen this work out favorably for a company. Taking responsibility and being accountable for a mistake can not only go a long ways, but it can provide some actual good PR, depending on which direction a company goes with it. The key, though, is having the knowledge and the experience to take these situations and make the best of them.”

For more information about Orange County public relations and social media management please visit www dot mcclainconcepts dot com.

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