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Crevier Talks About The New MINI-vations On John Cooper Works MINIs

Crevier MINI takes the time to learn and talk about the new innovations that MINI Coopers will have in the near future.

06/11/2012 (press release: Crevier MINI) // Orange County, CA, USA // Wafaa Hamood

Almost always known for their unique look and go-kart handling, MINI Coopers are definitely a breed all of their own. People know them when they see them, and always seem to appreciate their unique quirky appeal. What most people do not know about MINI Coopers, especially the recent ones, is that these new cars come with a wide array of different innovations that will make them better than ever before.

The new John Cooper Works models will be quite a different turn from the typical MINI, especially when it comes to drivability. Outfitted with MINIMALISM technology, the John Cooper Works MINIs will be able to have a six-speed option, spacious seating, and even better handling than ever before. The new John Cooper Works Countryman will also be one of the new cars that has the very best ALL4 four wheel drive option, making this car one of the best for all terrain fun in a MINI.

Along with a “zippier than zippy” handling, the new John Cooper Works MINI will also be more efficient while still delivering power almost instantly. The new John Cooper Works MINI line will also be getting a new member to the MINI family – a five door MINI Cooper. The new five door MINI has an impressive 208 horsepower rating, and has a maximum torque of 207 lb-ft. Best of all, this new MINI still stays true to its racing heritage with a top speed of 127 miles per hour.

Staying true to the racing history that MINI Coopers have seems to be a very important issue among the engineers at MINI today. The new John Cooper Works MINIs all have a turbobooster which allows drivers to get even more power than normal, should they choose to enjoy the full power of a MINI Cooper. The new turbobooster will be based off of BMW’s wildly successful VALVETRONIC system, which has already gotten accolades from those who have used it.

It is important to remember that MINI Coopers are known for more than “just a pretty car,” and it is quite evident from the way that the new John Cooper Works MINIs have been designed that the engineers of MINI want to remind the public about that little fact. The work that they have done on the latest MINIs – as well as the invention of the five door MINI – illustrate that perfectly. The new MINIs are something to be proud of.

Of course, the people at Crevier MINI are undeniably proud of the new cars that will be appearing on their lot. Moreover, many of the staff seem to be just as excited to take them out for a drive as their customers are. “I personally can’t wait,” says Peter of Crevier MINI, “they just sound so fun to drive!”


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