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Facebook Folly Reveals Strategical Planning Failures

McClain Concepts blog talks about the Internet Giants recent Woes

06/06/2012 // (Blog: McClain Concepts) // Misson Viejo, CA, US // McClain Concepts

Orange County advertising companies are taking lessons from the disasterous lessons that Facebook has been teaching in the days following its dismal IPO. With ads proving ineffective with 80% of users and the aforementioned IPO nightmare, what is the fate of the social media giant who seem invincible only a couple months ago?

Read the full story on:Orange County Advertising and Facebook’s IPO Woes

An influential start-up guru sparked a debate Tuesday on whether Facebook Inc.’s botched initial public offering will ultimately make it harder for entrepreneurs to raise money.

Debating Facebook IPO Fallout for Start-Ups

More Reading:A business friend told me about a presentation he saw this week from a top I-bank, one that did not book-run the Facebook IPO….

Did Facebook Break the IPO Window?

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