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Adoption Guide opens doors for those looking for International Adoption How to Adopt Ebook hopes to streamline a complicated process.

05/24/2012 (press release: McClain Concepts) // Mission Viejo , CA, US //

Celebrities are not the only ones who are able to adopt a child from a far away nation. Increasingly, many couples in the United States are looking abroad to adopt children in the hopes of providing them a better life here., a company who offers adoption guide services, recently published an article that illustrates the issues involved when adopting a child from a foreign nation that can sometimes occur. With one of the company’s employees having family that went through the process, it becomes very clear that not all companies offering advice on adoption are equal.

“There were a couple of warnings that they received, but it was not like they received or had access to a good quality adoption guide,” said the employee, whose cousin was adopted from a St. Petersburg orphanage shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. “Plus, the people running orphanages in the days following the collapse of the Soviet Union were not exactly trying to keep their doors closed to Americans. Sure, my aunt and uncle got a few little tips here and there, but most of the issues were either downplayed or lost in translation.”

Despite an ultimately happy ending, with the adopted child growing up to become a successful, well-adjusted individual, it was not a smooth start. Being without an adoption guide, the parents were unaware that the girl they travelled for thousands of miles to adopt would be so shy and aloof for her first few years. Although an adjustment period is to be expected, the lack of social interaction that the children were given left the adopting parents unprepared. She warmed up to the family after a time, but the extended family still felt the unease the girl felt around them. The lack of a common language between the four-year old Russian girl and the American, English-speaking parents did not make the process any easier.

“Being a kid myself at the time, I could not wrap my head around the idea that she was still that shy after such a long time and so many times visiting together, but then again, we were not given any sort of adoption guide as the adoptive aunt, uncle, or cousins either,” recalled the employee. “She became more social as the years went on, but I remember my cousin still being uncomfortable around us until she was around seven or eight years old.”

Today, though, she is a brilliant individual, currently a college student, with many friends and a boyfriend who also, coincidentally, happened to immigrate to the US from Russia. Despite not having a well-written adoption guide through the process, the parents managed to do what they had intended: adding a new member to the family, and also providing a child who needed a loving family with the opportunity for a life in the Land of Opportunity. was quick to remind, though, that there are still many children already living in the US who need loving homes as well, and that adoption abroad is just one option available for those looking to adopt.

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