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4th R Foundation: We Have Figured out why the Human Mind is not Free.

/The long struggle of the human mind for freedom/ – Will Durant.

/ The unfortunate history of man is written with blood and hatred for others and ignorance and confusion about one’s own self. There is this awareness that the human mind is not free and in spite of all the research and progress of the mind sciences there are still all kinds of theories and explanations for why the human mind is mostly beyond our control. From philosophy to science to religion all have their own take on why the human mind is not free. Because of the thousands of years of failures to understand the human mind; mankind has devoted more time to explaining the human mind’s chained condition rather than trying to research ways to free the human mind.

The fact that the human mind is not free is because we do not fully understand the true nature of the mind and even more crucially we do not know how to educate the mind to become free.

Thanks to the latest advances in neuroscience it is now established that the mind thinks in words and the brain processes information in biochemical reactions. It is also very clear that the left brain thinks in words and the right brain thinks in biochemical reactions. Thus it is the left brain that projects the mind and the right brain is the brain. Also the brain perceives unconsciously and the mind perceives consciously.

The mind has access to reality and is able to perceive the correct reality through the five senses. The mind ponders and deliberates the current information to behave appropriately to the given situation. However to produce an experienced response the mind passes the information to the brain which biochemically cross references the mind supplied information with it’s own memories-ed past experience. Even though the mind wants to act according to it’s own reading of the situation, the brain censors the mind according to it’s own experienced reading of the given situation. The input to the mind is colored by the current reality and the input is passed on to the brain that filters this input according to it’s own past experiences of similar situations and passes on the altered interpretation to the mind. The mind accepts the reading of the more experienced brain and so the mind reads and feels the situation as the brain decides. The mind knows that it’s resulting emotions are wrong and feels frustrated, confused and helpless that it cannot control it’s own emotions. This is because the brain supplies these altered emotions by pushing them into consciousness, expressed in words; thus forcing the mind to experience the brain supplied emotions as it’s own. There are times when the mind reads as love to be the appropriate behavior but the brain alters the love into envy and anger etc. So the mind feels trapped and confused not knowing who or what is dictating its emotions; forcing the mind’s hand to feel bad instead of good.

It is actually the brain that traps the mind. Which means it is the left brain that is trapped by the right brain. Almost 80% of human minds are trapped by their very own brains!

Mankind has learnt to educate the mind very well. This is why the mind feels very educated and so when it does not control it’s own emotions it feels frustrated and confused. The problem is the fact that man has no clear clue why the mind is trapped. The reason is we not only neglect educating the brain we on a mass scale mis-educate our brains. As a result we wire our brains to miscalculate and distort the realities of life.

The mind created self is well educated but the brain created self is uneducated as well as saddled with misinformation in the form of prejudices, phony over confidence etc., etc. So the final consciousness/self/I is an amalgam of the mind projected consciousness/self/I and the brain processed consciousness/self/I. Thus the mind feels emotionally confused and helpless; unable not to feel the brain supplied emotions, of which it has no clue where these unwanted and hurting emotions are coming from. It feels the mind itself is supplying these emotions and so man is convinced that the mind is not free to express it’s own emotions.

Intelligence is the domain of the mind and emotional intelligence is the domain of the brain. We educate our intelligence and neglect and pollute our emotional intelligence. As a result our intelligence is trapped by our emotional intelligence. It is like the mind is addicted to life success and the brain is addicted to emotional failures.

Our current education system educates only half our brains – the left brain and leaves our right brain as uneducated as ever! About 22% students enter the class room with healthy left and right brains. The rest enter respectively with all levels of unhealthy right brains which makes even educating the left brain difficult. We have ample time to correctly educate the right part of the brains.

A very small percentage are really free minds. The majority can become free minds if our leaders wake up to our proposal to introduce a compulsory subject that teaches emotional brain education.

The struggle to free the human mind can and should now be over. We can make the majority of minds free.

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